Pendle's Shurikens - are they useful?

From what I assume , his shurikens are meant to finish opponents with low health.

For example : assume you use Injection on an enemy player then proceed to melee attack him . if enemy is low on health and running away , you throw a shuriken at him to finish him off.

Here’s the problem :
1.His start up is slow
2.The projectiles’ speed is very slow
3. The damage output is around 55-75 ? somewhere in between I think . but still LOW damage output

I honestly never saw someone using those shurikens for any other purpose than trolling.

Now , to clarify things (unlike in my previous post -_-) , I don’t underestimate the character.
I want to know how can use his kit to the fullest without just spamming it.

So , I would be glad to see someone explain to me how to use Pendle’s “Throwing Stars”, thats it ! :smile_cat:


Never start a combo with the injection skill unless you are relocating to another platform or catching an enemy before getting away. I’m excellent with Pendles and I never use the secondary attack.

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In PvP good for Benedict

No they are not useful. They’re probably the most garbage secondary in the game. There’s literally no reason to use them.


The only reason to use them is if someone has a very very very small sliver of health and you absolutely know you can’t get to him/her (I’ll admit it is satisfying to get a kill with it though, especially a crit)


Useful if for whatever reason you only use him on buildables and smoke bomb is on cooldown, or if you need to kill an owl/sunspot/incredibly low health escaping target. They could be removed and nearly no one would miss them. They’re ahem
A throwaway

  1. With your team’s permission, keeping a sentry’s shield from regenerating. If you do this all game or without telling your team, you’re a dick.

  2. Aggroing double thralls at everyone nearby. I’ve gotten enemies killed in Echelon by prodding mid thrall while they’re on bridge - thralls launch their bombs that far and do far more damage than you can, oftentimes.

  3. Using them while your shields regenerate and you’re near a corner. This is also questionable.


I once killed a sentry doing this. Slow, painstaking, successful work. A waste of a private match certainly

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Lol, did you hear his kill sentry line?

No. They’re not

Ok… How ? Explain

you literally just said why, -_-

low damage and too much prepare time

Uh , I thought you meant that they ARE Useful.
Lol , I guess its my mistake for not understanding u.


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I use them to destroy acelerators, sometimes…

PvE, “Algorithm”, giant floating head, secondary attack, done.

There are many situations in PvE where the throwing stars let you keep the damage up from a safe distance while your abilities are on cooldown. Not everything has to have utility for PvP in Battleborn!

I never actually thought to not start with injection but it makes sense, why waste the slowing effect on an enemy that more than likely will battle a bit before running away. Use it when they try to escape and seal their fate.

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It is still a dream of mine that they’d rehaul Pendles’ secondary. The only use they ever had was maybe destroying Marquis owls. But for any other reason? Why would you? Pendles has one of the best abilities to cross a distance between him and his targets, throwing cotton balls at anything seems ineffectual.

What makes me sad is that they even went as far as to waste a helix choice on the shurikens.

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The only use it get out of them is tagging minions when I can’t risk jumping in to swing

This sounds very intriguing to me. I have to give it a shot. Then again it can also hurt your teammates if done at the wrong time.

@xxdeathknight72x it’s specially more devastating when taking the helix 1 R. Poor Isic thinks he can get away from melee Pendles so easily lol

One thing I forgot to mention, where they are extremely useful…

Every dang bot in the Bots Battle runs away, and somehow faster than we can.
Pendles can land a star on them as they dash away.

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