"Pendles: The Worst Character in the Game"?

So like i would like to be enlighten, Why and where did this hate on Pendles came from? Since when did Pendles became the Skye (Paladins) of Battleborn? why are people discouraging Pendles players from using Pendles? Is he that bad or something? does he need buffs? I’m very confused to this, can someone explain to me why he’s bad and if he is, does he need buffs to be a more viable pick? what gives?


Pendles combines four bad things into an awful package.

  1. His base stats suck. He has caster level health, a huge and centrally-located crit spot, the lowest base speed, bad melee DPS, the worst ranged DPS, and a weird trait that’s not very useful.

  2. Cloak as a defensive mechanic sucks. It glitches sometimes and permanently attaches VFX to itself, for one; it’s hard countered by reveals; it can be spotted by just regular observation; it doesn’t offer you any actual protection against damage, unless you take the level 5 option for cloak DR. Unlike every other cloaking character, Pendles is crippled without it, and unlike them all, cannot remove reveal sources (sunspots, owls) safely.

  3. His kit is invariably done better by Oscar and Deande. Cloak Sneak Attack > Air Strike is far more deadly than Pendles Miasma + Infection spam could ever be to groups, and Deande is a better solo assassin. Both also have game outside assassination (waveclear and CC respectively), but this is all Pendles can do well in PvP sitations, and they do it better. Invariably, in comp games, a Pendles can’t commit to an assassination and get a kill without a full team response that’ll likely gank him - while both OM and Deande have much more valid means of peeling safely, and of poking without taking undue risk.

  4. His playstyle invariably lends itself to horribly toxic behavior. He can backdoor thralls, poke at sentry slowly, do buildables and shard hoard - but your team sees little of this benefit and is fighting 4v5 in the meanwhile. He’s great at last hits when an enemy would die anyway, stealing XP from your teammates. If you don’t want to die, no one can track you down as Pendles if you don’t engage. He encourages playing like a lone wolf in a team game whose meta is the CC teamfight.

I don’t know if his kit is fixable at the moment. He’d have to get more synergistic buffs, bonuses for working with teammates a la Priority, better CC, an economy based helix path. It’d change him completely, I know that much. His schtick can’t just be “cloak then hit” because every cloaking character already does that better than him.


I don’t think Pendles himself is that bad, other than the fact he directs most the damage onto 4 people. I think people don’t like Pendles because most people don’t play him very well and struggle to be useful.


@Vagrantsun has already put it excellently above.

The only time he can be useful in a competitive setting is having him running economy in Meltdown. But even then you heavily rely on the rest of your comp. to be able to handle a 4v5, meaning you’d need something like Toby, Thorn, Phoebe & Rath together for it to work. And as far as drafting goes, those character will virtually never all end up on the same team.

And even then, there are other great economy-runners such as Attikus & Phoebe. Attikus comes and goes in bursts, so he can pick up shards when recovering while Phoebe has great wave-clear with her Crosscut-Blade Sweep combo combined with her Phasegate slow & Blade Cascade while potentially maintaining high mobility w/ Phasegate & the movement speed that comes with it.

In Incursion it’s not necessary whatsoever to dedicate an entire character pick for the sole reason of running economy. It’s also less time consuming & cumbersome to run economy in Incursion, most characters would be able to do it effectively because of that alone.

Overall I think players just find him to be an inherently “under the belt” character.

It’s incredibly annoying to just barely get out of a sticky situation, surviving with <100 health, only for Pendles to strike you once and get a kill.

Or when he just stands behind you for the sole purpose of bodyblocking you, virtually giving you the sensation of horrible geometry and/or lag.

Another reason why at least I don’t like him is that while he is countered hard by reveals, those counters are rather specific comparatively to what other characers has.

Slows really screws Caldarius, but you may still be able to work around a comp. without good slows against him.

Wound really screws any healer, but you can still dive and work around not having any for them.

But Pendles? If you have no reveal, you’re purely relying on Pendles to uncloak at some point and CC-chain him ASAP. It can be trying though given how passively a lot, if not most, Pendles players play.

Another reason, again, for me personally, is that he’s seemingly one of the “I-don’t-wanna-die-this-match-so-I’m-going-this-character” character.

As you can tell I like Pendles :grin:


Took a shot at an economy-focused Pendles revamp.

Level 1 - Experienced Fence: Pendles gains +20% more shards, and +20% XP from buildables. Replaces Poison Cloud.

Level 2 - Added Seasoning: Buildables constructed by Pendles deal +80 poison damage over 2 seconds. This buff lasts 10 seconds. Replaces Ninjaneering.

Level 3 - Circuit Cutter: Pendles deals +40% more damage to buildables and minions. Replaces Mamba’s Bite.

Level 4 - Cutpurse: Injection steals 147 shards when it hits enemy Battleborn. Replaces Life Leech.

Level 5 - Robin Hood: Pendles increases the team’s shard share percentage by 10%. Replaces Cloak and Cover.

Level 6 - Softer Sneakers: Removes the visual tell of your cloak. Replaces Feint.

Level 7 - EMP Kunai: Once every 12 seconds, a kunai thrown by Pendles deals 58 damage over 2 seconds in an area. Minions and buildables damaged by this effect take 300% damage and are stunned for 1 second. Replaces Deeper Pockets.

Level 8 - Chaff Grenade: Smoke Bomb’s AoE automatically destroys any projectiles passing through it and removes CC on allied BB within it. Replaces From the Shadows.

Level 9 - Trauma Venom: Enemies struck by Injection are marked and take +8% damage for 4 seconds. Replaces Slippery.

Level 10 - Black Market: Buildable cooldowns reduce 50% faster for Pendles. Replaces Necrosis.

The power scale on some of these helixes are incredible, but with Pendle’s crappy base stats, he needs gimmicks to balance them out. Chaff Grenade and Fence, in particular, are vicious, but require giving up his best offensive helixes, which is a fair trade IMO.


Certainly an interesting take. While I could be wrong as I’m not delved into his lore or persona, I don’t think it’d fit his character. That being said, it’d be a fun build to try out for sure!

I’d suggest to make this scale depending on whether you hit a minor enemy or a major enemy in order to make it viable in PvE as well, possibly ~40 & ~100 respectively or so.

This is the most interesting one in my eyes. A helix which globally and unconditionally buffs all allies. While affecting a minor stat, it’d certainly be interesting to see how it’d work in practice.

Still, the changes would make him more viable in PvP & PvE for certain missions such as The Algorithm & The Experiment for instance :+1:

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I’ve had a lot of fun playing as Pendles with the bots but not everyone was delighted.
Pendles is fun to confuse the bots with, your team however wants the bots to be more challenging, not confused.
He is also able to sneak in the bot base and grab all the shards, but your team is frowning on your absence.

Those would make my economic pendles loadout so fun

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147 shards is how much you pay for a 200 cost buildable after a 21% cost discount. The amount is very exact for a reason.

Between Robin Hood and Quartermastery Bin I imagine Pendles could take the place of the standard 2/3 economy build set in MD comp games by himself. That’d give him a strong role in comp automatically.

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Just to be the cranky ■■■■■■■, you know this goes against everything Gearbox has set up when it comes to standardizing character helices right? If you already know this and it’s just a conceptual build, then feel free to ignore me, I just thought I’d bring it up.

GBX isn’t going to try to fix Pendles, period, much less dive into the unknown world of economy builds (which I don’t think they understand at all) and designing brand new helixes around them. It’s too much of a pain to address the gap between new players that die in droves to Pendles, and vets who curbstomp him into oblivion.

So yeah, this is just for fun. I like just shooting off concepts once in awhile.


Though i would definitely would want to see this, but it would probably go against his character, well at least the buildables part as that would feel more as something an engineer or LLC type character would have, though i do agree with most of your points if not all of them, I just feel like his entirety should just be reinforced instead of of changing it completely though you are right with Deande doing his job better and more efficiently, the VFX bug is more on GBX’s fault really as well as some flair not cloaking with him

This I do agree completely though, they are nothing if not bad some of them, at least in this department i suggest some stuff(bear with me some of these ideas i’m basing them off from him at level 5):

150 health points putting him at 1330 at lvl 5

buff “Corner Sneak” to give him 15% Movement Speed uncloaked

at level 5 he does 111 dmg so i don’t think his melee dmg is bad compared with others but i’ll suggest a buff for this later on

Crit spot… I can’t suggest anything here as he’s made that way.

I would sincerely scrap his shuriken and turn it into a kunai or knife projectile with the same travel speed but no arching motion but would mark them indefinitely but goes away if Pendles loses line of sight for 4 secs maybe 3 and take 10% more dmg from his attacks.

his trait i would change it to “Contracted Killer”; Whenever he kills a major enemy, all allied battleborn get an assist for the kill and Pendles gets increased experienced.

I would also make him completely invisible when invisible.

As for his kit, I also have some ideas:

Smoke Bomb: remove the aoe and instead apply a dot on enemies hit by the blast.

Miasma: remove “Miasma” and Change it to “Predator Instinct”, it would work like Boldur’s ult; For 10 secs Injection executes enemies who have 20% of their maximum health and reduces Injection’s CD, and as a passive effect, major enemies are revealed to him for 5 secs when cloaking.

And Now my ideas for some of his helixes:

Poison Cloud->Lingering Venom: Increases the Duration of Smoke Bomb’s dot damage
+3 seconds duration.

Mamba’s Bite: Enemies hit by Pendles melee attacks take increased damage from his skills
+15% Damage

Life Leech->Jugular Slash: Injection silences enemies on impact
+2 seconds silence duration

Cloak and Cover->Cloak and Chill: When you cloak, gain health regeneration for a short time.
+200 health regeneration over 8 secs

Snake Eyes-> Snake Skin: All Crowd Control Pendles is affected by last for 1 second (excluding Pulls, Knock-Backs and Knock-Ups)

Feint: Smoke Bomb propels Pendles in the direction he’s facing.

Poison Blood->Bounty: On Kills, Pendles gain 10% of enemy’s max shards.

Slippery->Cold-Blooded: Pendles can’t be targeted or affected by buidables.

Venom Synergy->Deadly Wound: Increases the maximum heatlh needed for enemies to be executed.
up to 35% of maximum health.

Necrosis->Eyes on the Prey: Increases the duration of “Predator’s Instict”.
+5 seconds duration

I kinda like the way GBX is going with him its just he doesn’t have the tools to be good at it, of course these ideas are just what i think would make him a viable assassin at efficiently killing low health targets while also helping the team by killing key targets while also giving squeeze space to do it and not get pummeled while trying.

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If your talking about executing enemies being a one shot kill, then you’re talking about being able to do thousands of damage instantly to some characters.

How much is 35% health for Montana at level 5 when he’s in his ult?

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the 35% maximum is a lvl 10 helix option so i doubt they’ll be a lvl 5 Montana at that time but i can do a 20% at level 5 and another one at lvl 10 calculation and its also , 20% of a lvl 5 montana’s maximum health is 490 and at lvl 10 a 35% is 972 rounded

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which both of those dmg Deande can overcome, plus i’ll only have 10 secs to do so at lvl ten every 50 seconds when Deande can do it in less

plus her damage is the same all around, the execute has to be 20%/35% or lower health to execute

so basically it would be working like Kelvin’s Chomp

Factor in DR

it really doesn’t matter, its not that it does 20% or 35% of your max health as damage, its if your health is in this percentage or lower you’re dead, DR doesn’t come in the equation.

That’s what an execute means.