Pendles, Toby, Taunting, & Time Outs

I just want to give my two cents on the state of PvP at the moment. While the game is very good, and mainly balanced, there are a few things that need adjusting. 2 big things at the moment are Toby and Pendles. Pendles’s is fast and strong, so in my opinion, he needs 1 of those 2 things to be nerfed. Toby can stun you for 4 seconds (if they have their legendary) and does way too much damage. I think both should be nerfed. I don’t know how the stun will be changed, but I have faith in GB.

Now for time outs. This is just an issue with the matchmaking right now. You can sit in a queue for 20 minutes, find a team, and then the game tells you that a game can’t be found for you. I’m pretty sure GB is working on this, and once again, I trust them.

Finally is the most controversial of the things, taunting. The idea of the taunting mechanic is cool. Something happens (destroy a sentry in Incursion, win a match, get a double kill, etc.), you taunt. But I think that it promotes unsportsmanlike behavior as once you get a kill the game tells you to taunt, and when you are killed, it shows the person who just killed you taunting. Still, this is just my opinion and I want to know if people agree with me.

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It’s just a game, taunting should not offended you, unless on a mic and trash talking, as for pendles he is fine, his speed is montanas uncloaked, unless you are a REALLY squishy character, he will only kill you at full if he has miasma (it is high DPS ult with skirmish capabilities due to ult) his crit is big, tobies stun is in need of a fix, lastly, thanks for making this a reasonable discussion and not a rant


Lowest survivability, easily countered with reveals.
The only thing that make him OP, is peoples who don’t know how to fight him.

He is fine.


Whoa I survive easily with him, happy you know he is balanced though

Pendles is fine if you know what you’re doing. He’s only fast in stealth and only deals damage in bursts.

I agree the Toby stun time is a bit much but if you’re playing competitively it’d most likely get banned. The high damage output is fine given he is a huge character with a large hitbox, barely any escape, and a shield that is garbage.

Taunting is just another strategy in the game. You use it to pull aggro from the other team. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve killed a headstrong Rath just to taunt to guarentee I’d see him soon. It’s also fun to put bounties on enemies for taunting you haha.


They are already going to reduce almost everyone’s stun to 1.5 seconds, I believe. Or was it to 1 second?

I don’t bother with taunting myself, but would it help to view less as something personal and more as another player deciding to lock themselves into a multisecond animation in the middle of a game? If another player feels some odd compulsion to shut themselves down for a bit, why should I complain - particularly if a teammate happens upon them while they’re at it?


The thing about Toby’s stun is that the rail gun takes enough time to charge up that he’s not likely to get a kill shot by stunning you for a couple seconds (unless the rest of the team gangs up on you).

I use the stun to escape more often than anything, and Toby is probably the easiest character to get kills against.

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Man, nerf Toby? Between a giant hitbox, relying on a weak shield for his shots to hit anything and an underwhelming ult that little penguin is far too easy to counter as is.

Speaking of, did the damage rebalance make his ult worth using yet? Does it at least have higher DPS than his regular attack now? God that ult is garbage…

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Well, if you’re exposed in the battlefield you’re easily dead. Everyone else lives there, so they’re generally fine

It’s pretty good now. Can lock down an area and melt people

Excellent, might actually master him now. Getting 10 double-kills with that thing before the change was… well, when you have trouble getting the first kill to begin with the second isn’t likely to come either. :confused:

(I know, kill the first enemy in some other way, then ult, but with the 3 second warm-up the second person was either dead or escaped before it even started firing)

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Fight a Ernest, Marquis, Ambra, Kleese or Orendi who know what they are doing, and say that again without losing all your scales.

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Firstly, I want to ask something. Have you played as Toby or only against him?

Yes, the 4 second stun is a lot but they are nerfing every stun in the game so on the end it will probably be a stun total of 2 seconds. So this will be fixed.

His damage though. I am not sure, but I think Toby has the strongest damage for 1 shot in the game? Yeah, he deals a extremely high ammount of damage, but do you know how much he has to trade for that?
His shots are slower than Thorn’s shot, regulary. When Toby shoots through his shield, however, I think they’re faster than Marquis’. EDIT! Okay, his shots are a bit slower than Marquis’ apperantly but I don’t notice this difference really. XD
This means that with his shield, he is a real danger but without it, his shots are patheticly easy to dodge. The only thing you have to do to make Toby useless against players is destroying his shield the moment he places it. He will still be a beast af waveclearing, but he won’t be as dangerous anymore. He also is a huge target, and one of his skills is only good for making uour shots better, the shield.
They’s better buff Toby, it’s stupid that his shield can be 3-shotted by like… Everyone.

Also, I don’t think that Toby would be banned in every competetive match. Because if you know how to deal with him, he’s pathetic. (I am on the phone so Inm not quoting who said that he would be banned. ;p 3hard5me.)

[quote=“deemsss123, post:14, topic:1546278”]
When Toby shoots through his shield, however, I think they’re faster than Marquis’.
[/quote]No, Marquis’ shots are hitscan (instant), even through a shield Toby’s rails have a travel speed.

Then it’s a speed difference I don’t notice. ;p
Since his shots through shield are ridiculously fast. I’ll edit my reply laterz.
Thanks for yhe correction btw.

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Orendi and ambra I can take on I just have to be careful, never had to much trouble with ernest unless map is outskirts or monuments , marquis is bull, kleese has a reveal?

And I agree, playing around a Toby is sadly simple. Bring down his shield (far, far too easy for its cooldown), then just shoot in his general direction while moving around, he’s too big to miss and his shots are too slow to hit you reliably.

I love how he plays and enjoy my time with him, but any time I play against someone like a Marquis that knows what they’re doing they just keep my shield down and I’m worthless.

I dont know, i think Pendles and Toby are just fine (Toby is actually a little UNDERPOWERED compared to the other Battleborns. )
Taunting is just for fun. I dont taunt everytime i kill someone, only when i do a hard kill. And never taunt new players.


Yep. The shield needs a major health buff. And if it ends up being too much, reduce Toby’s health. I’d rather have a shield of 1500 and have 900 health than a shield of 300 with 1500 health. Or whatever… You know what I mean. Toby relies so much on his shield, that I really don’t mind if his shield kinda becomes the biggest part of his health. And I even think it should have some damage reduction, because it’s a huge target that doesn’t move…

In Incursion, playing Toby can be very annoying and a good Marquis can make you useless.
In Meltdown, I’ve never, ever felt worthless as Toby though. Toby can kill the enemy minions in one lane with ease. Especially if you have the legendary gear and take the slow.
And if you have 2 enemies trying to stop you, a lot of times they are not able to get to you before you kill the minions. Sadly, he can’t protect his own minions either but at least that lane is even. So that means 4 of your allies can go to the other lane and only have 3 enemies. I’ve won quite a lot of games using this tactic. ;p

And like, when you are against 2 people your shield will go down easy… In matches like those, you just gotta use your helix to give your mines some more power, and just use your shield for healing(If chosen that helix) or a way to get out when things get rough… And target minions only, not players.

This seems a bit off-topic… Getting off-topic because of Toby is just way too easy.