Pendles V Miko V The People (me)

It may be that I just main Miko, or maybe I was going against the god of Pendles for multiple different rounds, but it is way to easy for a Pendles to kill a Miko. Now, hear me out. I was killed at full health by a Pendles in three seconds flat, and to top that off I was in a five stack and was near three of my teammates. They didnt even have an opportunity to respond and help defend me before I was dead. This doesn’t really happen for other characters, except for Miko. Pendles really should only be about taking out low health enemies that run back into their base. Sneaking around to avenge a teammate 1v1’ed a Gali and left her at 75 health but died right before they could kill her. But this is just really frustrating when I died ten times just from a Pendles being able to kill me in mere seconds from full health and even when surrounded by teammates. That being said, I LOVE the character himself, he is very fun to play as and I could see him being a real strategic asset to any team.

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FINALLY! Kill all the Mikos! The snake is our savior!

Yeah The damage amps to back attacking are really strong on Pendles. It gets even worse once you get to late game because he can just Injection you like a million times before Miasma even does any damage.

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You should have all the tools you need to escape. Typically they’ll engage you with injection so you’re slow…and you push them away/spore cloud and run away, because then they’re slow and you get extra speed when attacked from a helix. So you can easily run away, he can stun ya. Maybe if he pops his ult he can keep on you.

I always run attack speed Miko, with the right fifth helix it makes him a minion killing machine. And even with the slow it only slows the inevitable. If we are both slowed then he’ll just kill me a little slower. But more often than not he kills me before I can even drop my spore cloud, as that is instinct after playing him so long is to pop that down if a melee char ever gets close. But the animation to pull and throw it often takes to long. Even popping my ult after level ten right helix is useless as the animation for that also takes to long.