Pendles where art thou!?!?

Has there been any new updates on Pendles?

@JoeKGBX the suspense is killing me dude! if the community rallies together and gives the GBX crew a piece of candy and a super sweet rocket air high five will you guys give us at least a little hint as to when we’ll all get to rock those sweet sneakers!?


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When Pendles arrives everyone will be surprised. There will be no announcement made. He’ll just snek up on everyone and strike when they least expect it. His snek is OP.


There’s gonna be so many Pendles in groups when he drops

Not really on-topic, but its fun & Pendles-related:

Until he sneaks up, join our shenanigans over here

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I believe he’ll be out by the end of this month. They’ll probably update us with the next Battleplan.

Last I heard, he’s slithering up in Battleborn… real soon…


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Toby as glad as I am to get to kill lots of jennerit babies with Pendles I’m even happier you did some maintenance on your core discharge. You’ll always be my favorite little bundle of passive aggressive destruction!


You know what, it took many, many, many contacts in the Black Market trade to find the parts I need. That is not mentioning the planets that still had stars and haven’t been destroyed yet.


Well let’s get to it little guy! I believe in you! ;D

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Psssssst, Called it.

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@Kaleidodemon dude!

He totally snek’d up on you, didn’t he?

Super snek’ed up