Penguin in a Mech Suit: Toby

So a new character just got announced at PSX, Toby a penguin in a mech suit. He will be available to during the open beta on PS4.

The 16th Battleborn hero, Toby, may look like a huggable little penguin ready to march off some arctic shelf — but don’t underestimate this angry engineering genius. After being rejected by the Peacekeepers faction for being “too cute to fight,” Toby’s typical mild-mannered temperament turned to anger. He channeled that rage into constructing a grotesque and insanely powerful mechanized suit and joined the Rogue faction in the fight to save the last star.

His abilities are Arc Mines, Force Field and Energy Dump.
Arc mines- throw out a mine that will detonate when tripped
Force Field- throws out an energy wall in front of Toby, and Toby’s attacks get strengthened as they pass through it
Energy Dump- a massive laser beam


He is adorable!!!



Cool. The suit reminds me a bit of the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor from Avengers 2.

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well, that beta bit is pretty stupid.

I guess no game is safe anymore, thanks 2k and sony.

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Lol. This makes me happy to stick to the Rogue faction.


I have to agree with this. For Toby beign in the beta for PS4 users only, I don’t give a damn. But the reward for playing in the beta being exclusive to PS4 owners is going a bit too far.


the part that bothers me the most is that there is literaly no reason for it, they’re just gettting worse game balance data from any other betas they do. and I seriosly doubt the availability of one charecter in a beta is going to make that many people on the PS4 buy the game, while it may have a negitive impact on the 2 othe platforms.


Wait, beta? When. You better not be holding out on me. I need my fix :D.


There is going to be an open beta in early 2016.


Reminds me of this guy:


awwwww penguins!


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Another bird? Wasn’t expecting this. Now i 'll have to play both Toby and Benedict. Thanks Obama.

Also, he know Benedict, i expect interesting dialogue between each others (Either poking, or purely hateful)

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Benedict is such a dude… I hope there’s going to be some dialogues in the mood of BL or something. :smiley:

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I recon there will be some hated from Toby to Benidict and alot of Poking from Benidict to Toby.
After all Toby did try and join the Peacekeepers but was told he was too ‘Cute’.

And like any Guy, they hate being called cute so im sure Toby holds Benidict to that as he is a Peacekeeper :slight_smile:

Really, I’m lil bit shocked…Toby, the new character, will be exclusive for ps4? I had to search on google for articles and i’m still not sure, plus can’t believe it if so. Are they going to ship PC version with less characters?
What about the pc beta testers?
Amazing, I own all borderlands and loved ctt, but if they wanna insult me, im not gonna purchase. Any clarification? Would like to know it to start erasing this game from my mind

Look at the official announcement of Toby at Battleborn’s site:
quote: “Toby makes the 16th Battleborn hero that we’ve revealed out of the 25 that come with the game”
And now let’s look at the official announcment of the PS4 beta:
quote: “Toby is the 16th playable hero out of the 25 heroes available at launch. He is not the currently unannounced 26th playable hero available after the game Launches on May 3, 2016.”

The offical announce at the stage of Sony was really confusing and alot of people (me too) did not really understand what was the meaning of all that. I did some research and find out all that. :smiley:

Thanks for clarification, it was indeed very confusing. I still find it confusing from your quote XD. This made me understand it more clearly:

“Open Beta will be coming to PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in 2016. It’ll just be available first on PlayStation 4. PlayStation users that play during the Open Beta will receive a 26th character (Not Toby) for free in the retail version of the game post-launch whenever that character is released.”

So we will all be getting 25 characters on every platform. BUT they will release some extra paid characters, and the first one, will be free only for ps4 beta testers.
Which is not so ducked up as not being able to touch a character for PC users, but is still half insulting: PS4 paid them so all of their users have a free character, with the excuse of participating on the open beta.
PC players, since nobody gives a duck (they only accept Pc users cash, without caring much) despite of taking part in Closed Technical Test or Open Beta, will have to pay for that 26th post-release character. Which for me, is not an insta -not gonna buy it- but a hint that this game is gonna be heavily prostituted with dlc’s, preorder bonus, exclusivities, maybe micro transactions at some point etc.
In other words, for me, it doesn’t have anymore the “gameindustry’s bullcrap free” tag anymore.
Apart from my “personal opinions” at least I got it right, finaly right? 26th char not exclusive, just free for ps4 open beta testers, and paid for rest.
Lets see how far they go, so far, it doesn’t look very good for PC users.

Yep, you nailed it! :blush:
BTW, I feel you. It’s really sucks not to get the 26th character for free, but let me tell you something; From the very first day 2K started her publish model case for BB, I immediately got a vibe of Borderlands to it. I mean, It’s really obvious to me that there will be a lot of DLCS and paid characters (10 bucks for piece) - Yep, it’s really sucks, but at the other hand, we get 25 different characters at launch, it’s kinda awesome.
And for most of the times, the DLCS for Borderlands, for example, were worth the money (except some, but it’s really depends on the person).

Well I own all borderlands and all of their dlc’s and characters (except the paid head skins) and they were really worth it. But no borderlands had exclusive chars, or a free one depending on platform, so for me it’s one step further to prostitute their game.
In any borderlands, a 10€ character was worth it (and most or all of them were included in season pass) since you were buying like an additional char out of 4 or so, which granted a few more playthroughs, here it won’t be the same.
Anyway, it’s a bad practice and unfair for some users depending on their platform, so I think the minimum users should do is to voice our opinion on this matter, for me any Borderlands content is instabuy and the purchase of Battleborn was a given, but as they add more exclusive content based on platform, preorder, beta participation etc, I will rethink more and more about getting the game on release.
Also this kind of bonus may probably turn down more purchasers on pc platform, than attract new purchasers on ps4.