Penguin in a Mech Suit: Toby

Well, we will have to see what happens. I dont really think that the case is going to massively change from BL to BB in terms of variety, but that’s fine. As long as the game doesn’t “force” you to buy those DLCS in order to keep up in the game, I’m fine with that.
I’ve come to realize that the PS4 exclusive thingy it’s something that we will manage to overcome with the community. I dont feel that it’s going to be a game changer of some sort. Sure, I can’t justify it, but I dont want to be upset because of that. Are you feel me? :blush:

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Official Skill Video online on Twitter & Facebook, Youtube will follow shortly i guess

Edit Youtube video is up


I don’t know why, but i pictured Morty when he said “Oh man, oh man, oh man!”

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Looks like they updated the Battleborn’s pages (Or i just noticed) with new Characteristics (Like: Assassin, Controller, Agile, etc)
And looks like Toby’s main Characteristic is… kinda… unique

I genuinely laughed.

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They finally updated them… I made a new topic with more info about this that i got from Randy. There is also some info there about future updates.