People afraid to push into base

Just had an Incursion, we had their sentry down by 8 minutes in. Proceed to capture both our Mercs and double mercs multiple times with bigbot support. Control cannons over and over etc etc.

Fast forward to 28 min in, they kill our sentry and then manage to outscore by 8 points.


BECAUSE NO ONE WOULD PUSH INTO THE DAMN BASE. I was the lone melee with Rath and everyone just wanted to derp derp derp in the back trying to potshot. Arrrggghhh…seriously watching ISIC try and “snipe” instead of getting in there and shielding was making me punch babies.

Long story short, push the damn base folks.


There are some players who fancy themselves as bigshots who would rather mess with the enemy team and rack up as many kills as possible… I’ll admit that sometimes when I’m in a party I am guilty of conferring with the team whether to mess with the enemies for a while before ending the game but we’re never negligent enough to blow the game when we do this and it’s always a team decision if we do or not. There are a lot of variables in determining whether we do this and in a game with randoms I always push the objective if there’s no communication over the mic.

But yes, bottom line: Push the objective people! K:D is irrelevant if you lose the game, this is not CoD.

You just highlighted the problem at the very end. CoD. It has been rewiring the way people look at objective based games for nearly a decade. Hell, it’s even been bleeding into Battlefield.