People Can Fly develop Duke 5?

So Randy said back in 2015 that they would like to find the proper developer for the next Duke game.

Could this partnership with People Can Fly mean PCF are the ones who are giving Duke his next big outing?

Or is Duke gonna continue his “Tours” through all future Gearbox published titles?

Certainly an interesting concept, if they do go through with a partnership.

It would be a fantastic partnership.
People Can Fly are one of my two personal choices to develop the next installment in the Duke series. The other being Flying Wild Hog (a studio born out of former PCF members).

It’s unknown at this time, but, this could be the beginning steps in former such a partnership.
Or, GBX could still be searching for the right studio to develop the next Duke title for them. As normal with Duke, until it’s officially announced… you shouldn’t believe anything you hear.

But… in the realm of “what if”… PCF making Duke 5 would be music to my ears.

[quote=“Damien_Azreal, post:3, topic:1551627”]Flying Wild Hog (a studio born out of former PCF members)[/quote]…didn’t know that! People Can Fly made Bulletstorm and Painkiller (both awesome) and Flying Wild Hog made Hard Reset (and apparently its various expansions), which are also awesome.

Confession time: I have never played any version of a Duke Nukem game. If People Can Fly make one, I will consider it.

The Eastern (sorry, Central :slight_smile:) European studios seem to be the only ones who remember how to make old-skool shooters. I would love to see DN go there way. Flying Wild Hog also made the new Shadow Warrior games. The latest, Shadow Warrior 2, feels like Painkiller and Borderlands begat a wondrous child :smiley: Recommended. I admire GBX for picking up DN Forever, and saving the franchise, but it was a lost cause. However, if you can disassociate the ancient graphics from the gameplay & level design, I’d try DN3D, even today.

[quote=“Greybeard, post:5, topic:1551627”]The latest, Shadow Warrior 2, feels like Painkiller and Borderlands begat a wondrous child[/quote]That’s the best endorsement for a video game I think I’ve ever read.

Ow come on! I have to buy it again just for better graphics? Why they didn’t make it like Nordic Games did with Darksiders 1 ? You get upgraded(graphically) version if you own original one from 2010. Well I guess I know the answer for this : d$ng d$ng d$ng d$ng d$ng. The game is really fun and I would love to play it again with better graphics, because I haven’t play it for so long.

Also :

PCF and Flying Wild Hog are CENTRAL Europe not Eastern. I will repeat this : CENTRAL for fuk’s sake :slight_smile:

My apologies. Geography was never my strong point :smiley: Regardless, some good games have come from that area over the last few years.

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