People Can Fly latest blog entry, about Bulletstorm, Duke's DLC

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Also… for those interested…
[URL=“”][B]People Can Fly’s newest blog post about Bulletstorm’s new release[/B][/URL]…

[QUOTE] People Can Fly will be receiving 100% of the revenue from the first 100,000 copies purchased by gamers before the publisher, Gearbox Publishing, receives any revenue. Furthermore, the actual majority of all revenue generated by this release is going to People Can Fly.[/QUOTE]

That is a great move on GBX’s part, and how it should be. Specially for smaller, independent studios like PCF.

[QUOTE]Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is the path for People Can Fly to gauge the future of the Bulletstorm brand in the current gaming landscape, and determine the future of the franchise for a Bulletstorm 2.[/QUOTE]

I really hope it does well. I do. It deserves it.


For those upset about the lip sync on Duke in the DLC. This video shows it’s being worked on and fixed.