People complaining about balance issues between characters?

Personally I see no reason to buff or nerf anybody yet. In the beta, and since the game came out, I have seen no one character being dominant. I’ve seen people play every character crazy good and I’ve seen people play every character like an idiot. Please Gearbox, if you plan on making changes since release, don’t make tham super significant. The game is pretty much all good in its present state. My only complaint is Marquis being able to hit sentries from across the map on incursion on Overgrowth.

Just please don’t nerf or buff this early on before people learn to actually play each character with the right helix build. It would defeat the purpose of pvp.

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Some character got nerfed since the beta or the CTT (like rath and phoebe I believe) and galilea will soon get a nerf because she’s way too powerful in every aspect.
The marquis thing is also being worked on.

Listen Gearbox - Galilea player has spoken !

Just kidding. Honestly. Some chars are over the top while others never seen in a match. And if every match has a galilea going for most damage , most kills , most damage taken , least died… in that case just the pro gamers play galilea and its just nothing about ballance huh ?

I tried my self. Galilea is the walking god of death if you are a weak player like i am. Imagine you are an awesome player. What would that do ?

I think it should be like : less powerfull chars will become awesome if played by a good player and not like good chars will become awesome if played by weak players.

Honestly I have never seen an “el dragon” not geting destroyed in a match. And when I rarely see one.

Noone figured out how to el dragoon yet or he is just way to weak.

I honestly think the gali problem is more of a map/game mode issue. I have seen loads of gali’son on incursion and they never do very well rath always gets waaaaay more kills. But then I played meltdown and wow the difference is insane. She really comes into her own on these maps. Gali herself is not op she just gains a huge advantage depending on what game mode she is on.

I played almost only him during the beta and he’s soooo weak…
Abilities dealing no damage, and basic attack meh. Didn’t find a use for the right click nor for the running + quick melee.
And his ult is so slow to be used you usually die while starting it.

For the most part i agree but they saw a true gal people you could say there were just good people however it was total ■■■■■■■■ she could lkill anyone on the team and had 10 kills to 0 before we hit level 3. I have seen many gals fail but i feel these are people trying her out thinkig she unkillable so make mistakes when she not unkillable just hard to kill while having a ton of other benafits. Maybe mar sniper damage by a tiny bit as well the overgronth sentry is more map design thouh