People dont join my public game

I set my network options to Online Public and after playing for an hour, no one joins. Im only level 9 so the OP level thing doestn affect me. Any one know any reasons as to why this might be happening?

Happens to me all the time too so you’re not on your own!

I’m finding the same. I used to love putting my games on public on the 360 and getting all kinds of weird and wonderful characters join.

They used to join within seconds but now I have to keep checking to make sure I’m on public.

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People can choose which games they join, its not like people will just join in like its CoD multiplayer with people leaving and joining servers.

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To be fair, now I’ve had peeps publicly joining my PS4 game, I kinda wish they haven’t. There are a handful of threads on how the new players don’t seem to understand the concept of co-operative play!

I wish they would fix that OP thing though, would be nice to party up with other Op8 players sometimes.

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I’ve found that people only join you when doing certain missions (i.e. story missions, difficult missions etc)