People leaving game when team is losing

Could you please add a 30 min lockout or something for the people who abandon you midgame, no fun being 2 against 5 just because someone only wants easy wins.

It’s just a beta so banning people from a server would be a bad idea. I think for the full game banning for leaving would be a good idea

I’ll stop leaving if they implement a solo que/ lone wolf playlist. Though I don’t even think i’ll buy the game if they don’t have a solo que. If my team sucks in a lone wolves playlist then oh well, I’ll hold that loss any day of the week since I know the enemy team had just as bad a chance of having bad/new/selfish players. I know they don’t want to divide the community through increased playlists, but what’s worse? Adding a playlist in for people that don’t want to take the game uber seriously and play in a party with four people or just have solo players get matched up a usual team of headless chickens and get rofl stomped by a pre made that at the very least knows what a team should have.

I can only play as Miko so many times before I say “Eh, f*ck it, what’s the point of playing online if I can’t play something different once in a while.” I quit a game yesterday because I saw someone insta picked Marquis and of course everyone else picked Oscar Mike, Thorn and Shayne. When people just jump to their choice of DPS characters without waiting to see if they need to fill in a tank/support/healer class, this says to me, “To hell with the team, i just wanna snipe, hur hur hur.” In that case, have fun without me.

It didn’t help that the Marquis player was the only one that wasn’t a lvl 1 or 2 and yes I know they could be great players even at lvl 1 with no gear, but their unwillingness to form a rounded team says the opposite. Of course the enemy team was all 20+ and they actually had a good comp so I instantly knew that a train of epic proportion was about to be run on our dinky team, so I left. Basically, I hate pub stomping and if the only viable way to play versus is with a premade then it isn’t for me and many other people. The bosses did seem less spongey than in the CTT which is good at least, but I swear this game has a disgusting amount of input lag on PS4 that hampers my enjoyment of that as well. It’s like playing Killzone 2 on PS3, but with faster gameplay and headache inducing particle effects everywhere which is made even worse with the tiny FoV. There is something very wrong when an early title like Battlefield 4 can have all of that going on with 64 players at 60fps with great visuals and this is barely able to do 30fps with a claustrophobic inducing FoV.