People need to learn how to play capture

I’m done playing capture how hard is it really focus on getting 2 bases and defend them ? you don’t need 3 , if they do take one of those away them you go for the one you weren’t focusing on which will probably be alone, sounds simple right? well turns out in my exp people just run around looking for kills fighting in the middle of nowhere not even close to the bases while I and sometimes one other player try to cap and defend at the same time .In my last game we lost 1000 to 170 because they were all running after the enemy players not paying attention to the bases not even taking bases at all.I don’t consider myself a great player or anything like that I would say I’m average but when I play meltdown and incursion we almost always Win but in Capture Ive won maybe 3 times ,its frustrating.

I blame the call of dutyers and new age MOBA players. Get a team together.