People stop worrying about kills. focus on objective!

Just had another match where teammate was freaking out about someone on enemy team having like 30 kills.

Its like dude don’t worry we are leading by like 200 because they are focusing on players instead of minions. Just keep em distracted.

And another match I won because Montana ignored my minions RIGHT NEXT TO HIM to shoot at me from across the map so the minions just strolled by and gave us the points to win.

Other time teammate got mad at me for ignoring enemies I was surrounded by to take out their minions.

People there’s no TeamDeathmatch in this game. This isn’t overwatch or COD. Player kills don’t count towards the score.


I think it does, actually? But only in the case of a draw. Otherwise I agree with you 100%. Some players must die in order to reach the objective, and late game it really does make it easier to do if you knock enough of them out, but too many times does it grind into a TDM with neither side trying to get the sentry. (I would, but I usually play Miko or Boldur.)

I usually ignore players as much as possible to focus on minions and turrets

A kill actually gets you 3 points. I just had a game as Benedict where I went 18-4, with 37 minion kills. Also had an Oscar Mike on my team that had 72 minion kills. The rest of my team was Montana, Thorn, and WF, who had a combined 26 minion kills… The Montana also went 1-18, and Thorn went 3-9. I just fail to understand that at all and of course we lost to that, ■■■■ like that really just annoys me

objectives first, player kills second. Don’t even need to kill them really, just push them back and keep there focus off your minions. I’ve won many games where we trailed far behind in kills, yet took out BOTH sentries with little damage to our first. And if you do kill a player, taunt whenever possible. This will cause them mental anguish and vow revenge , further forcing them to ignore the objective. :wink:


I really feel like GB did a good job with the pre game lobby all the players start in. The little movie is short and to the point. The problem is no one seems to watch it…

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if someone gets 30 kills in a game, the team did not do a very good job at playing the objective. if you can put that many players out of commission and on a respawn timer, and still havent taken out their sentries in incursion, or their thumpers and healing station in meltdown, then that is just poor map management

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I’ve never understood this myself. If faced with going 20 and 1 with a loss or 0 and 10 with the win, I’ll take the later.

And no, you shouldn’t ignore the chance to kill players but at the same time people literally just spend all match hunting them down!

I belive it’s the role most pick out. I like Reyna and I’m always walking bots to the front line and usually a teammate is there to boost up. Alot of the time no one walks the bots…

I agree 50/50 with you. It is always good to have ONE dedicated slayer. When I play melt down I typically fulfill that role. I’ll grab el dragon or phoebe or the like and focus players, giving my minion slayers (with much more AOE than I) an easier time of it.

as long as that one player is good at killing and doest just chase into ambushes, im with you. I get way too many kills from people focusing on me only to run around a corner into a wall of hurt.

Chasing kills on Meltdown is awfully stupid. I’ve seen teams get obliterated and out leveled 2 to 1 and still win meltdown by a healthy margin.

I’ve been on the other end where the enemy team rushed out side from the start, kept us at bay, slaughtered us , we barely had a chance to defend our own minions. We were not a terrible team, but they destroyed us w/o really paying mind to the objective. It sucked. I think we lost like 500-120 or something.