People surrendering even though we arent losing

why! why do people do this its so stupid. at the slightest bit of losing they vote for surrender, just a few games ago ive had a surrender because the majority wanted it and we weren’t even losing!

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the grind in this game is burnout level

many peeps would rather have short games over anything else

why did they get the game then? i understand if they didnt know it would be like this but cmon

They could be trolls.

I guess they are just the kind of people who never learned how to loose. Seems a thing nowerdays. Everything must be won, everything must be a immediate success - if not, they start crying and complaining onto no end…

Already saw people complaing very rude that they “lost their first PvP match, cannot be true, I´m such a killer gamer, why is this game so stupid”-and so on…

Here in the forums are countless topics were players search for nice, adult-behaving groups & players, I bet you find a nice crowd that fights to the end with you! :heart:

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I only surrender if we are getting stomped. However more than a few time we were losing badly and my team refused to quit, so I bailed. I’m not gonna waste time on a lost cause. I’m not into that fight til the bitter end ■■■■■■■■, it’s a game. If I’m not having fun I’ll find a match where I will.

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This is funny, the moment the sentry hits 99 people surrender FAST.

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You must not play on PS4. I’ve had my 1st sentry destroyed in 4 minutes of the match and the team refused to surrender.

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but u still can’t do matchmaking without the game ending no? why not just take it and get the exp? Well I’d do that

why? my team was almost beaten 27 to 89 and we made a come back. that’s no reason to quit the game

Well because I don’t want a stroke over a stupid game.

It’s possible to come back after losing the first sentry, it’s ridiculous to surrender so early. All you need is a little strategy and some good players and you can come back from anything, Incursion has been fixed to prevent snowballing so there’s no more first sentry = win scenario. The same goes for Meltdown, the game is designed to make it harder for the winning team to push and give the losing team a chance to level the score at the halfway mark.


exactly my point @Slif_One. “Well because I don’t want a stroke over a stupid game” then might as well don’t play any games at all. If you expect to win without any effort then don’t play this game in PvP. Geez


That is not a valid reason. Like I said, there are multiple games I experience and also others that even when you’re in the verge of losing you can make a huge come back. With that attitude sir, it’s toxic not only to the community but to yourself as well. I’m not attacking you personally but that reason of yours is just ridiculous.

EDIT: Battleborn isn’t stupid

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Well strategy is impossible with a PUG group without mics. If my team had any strategy then we wouldn’t be shutout in the first 5 minutes of a match.

If they don’t have mics but you do, turn it on and give some directions. You’d be surprised how well they will respond. I remember a Capture game I had. I was the only one Rank 70+ the rest were between rank 20 to 30. We were againts a team with similar ranks.

I talked to my team and I was the only one with a mic. Informed them where the enemies are and told them to stick together. We won capping all 3 points.


No, it’s not impossible, just observe your teammates and play with them not on your own. I’ve beaten full parties with solo groups, stop blaming those you get matched with and take a little accountability.

As for the first five minutes, losing mid means nothing. You can defend and play toward the late game, the first five minutes in a thirty minute game mode are irrelevant. Stop rushing to your death trying to be a solo hero then blaming your team for your mistakes, early game rushers seldom win against equally skilled opponents with good composition playing toward the late game.

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I don’t expect to win every match or even half, but when we are out classed there’s a time to throw in the towel. It’s the curse of being an older, solo gamer. I don’t have a team I can call in for support. One of the main reasons I didn’t like Overwatch. If I could get the lore and achievements from playing bots I would.

I blame whoever screwed up. If is me cause I chased El Dragon into an ambush then I blame myself. If my team is more worried about kills than the objectives then I blame them.

I’m a 33 year old gamer and I don’t always have a party to play together since none of my friends have Battleborn.

I do agree when you’re heavily outclassed there is a time to throw the towel. However I remember my one game. All randoms. We were losing badly and I raged on my mic when I surrendered and none of my team mate wanted to. Our sentry was almost gone and the enemy still has their 2 sentries. You know what? I learned my lesson. Our team won in the end. Ever since then I stopped surrendering. If I see a surrender, I will never agree to it ever again.

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