People surrendering even though we arent losing

Funny happened to me a few times cause someone dies and just wanted better stats to show off while recording. Also I’ve met people who achieve their lore requirements so they will try to surrender immediately triggering the play with this person etc etc.

Super annoying, but meh.

It seems you’re constantly blaming everyone else. Some games you play well, some not so well, sometimes you do get matched with bad players but sometimes you get matched with better players and you’re the worst on tne team. There are many players who will quit or vote for surrender based on their own performance even if their team is dominating. As someone who surrenders so readily, you’ll continue to be matched with bad players and wont find a good group to play with until you up your own game and start figuring out ways to play and strategise effectively with random groups.

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In my opinion like any other MoBa is really hard to coordinate without a group specially if not all the players have mic or want to coordinate.

Now in this game the couple of times that I queve alone, the amount of games that you can actually finish is rather low is stomp or being stomped and the team comp has a lot to do with that.

Putting the skills of the players out of the picture is too easy to keep the pressure on the losing side and I’m not talking about minions because they are pretty much useless.
I’m talking about taking their base and turrets so if people can’t get out or they get hit in the second sentry is a turn off in the enemy morale so they insta surrender, if you add the rath throwing himself at the enemy or the klesse getting wiped as soon as he spawn, this happen even sooner.

And to be honest in my experience just a few, too few matches can be turn around unless you had a full team of late game heroes or the winning team had a couple of leavers/dc.

My experience has been that the people who do this are generally the people trying to complete “play X games with X” lore challenges, and who are unaware that story missions count for the lore. I’ve heard groups of friends with mics activity discussing this at times.

I’m not blaming everyone else. I’m playing Shayne and Aurox now, basically for the lore. I’m horrible with her and hate playing her in PVP. Funny how fun she is in single player, but annoying in PVP. Half the characters I would never touch if it wasn’t for their lore challenges.

Oh I do any lore that can be done in single player. I’d have the Mastery of Toby if it wasn’t for his insane PVP challenge.

skinner box games like this attract the types of players that are addicted to the grind, the progression, the regular dopamine drip from doing it, over anything else in the game. They chafe at the idea of anything slowing down their grind.

Yeah, so do I; i was suggesting that the people who are surrendering in PVP may not know. I’ve actually messaged people who were grinding thier lore challenges in the PVP bases to take that ■■■■ to the story, and back thier team; almost everyone who responded back (WHEN they did), said they didn’t know you could. That’s kind of Gearbox’s fault for not specifying which challenges are and aren’t PVP-only. Also, Toby’s “killing or rails” NEEDS a rework; it’s ridiculous.

I throw up a surrender once a while if the team is solid but isn’t pushing or is turtling super hard.
In lieu of getting on mic and being a dick, I can be a dick in gentle less yelling like a complete jackass kinda way.

9 times out of 10 the team pushes.

Then what exactly are you complaining about? You play poorly and expect the rest of the team to surrender based on your performance? The reason you don’t have anyone to play with and keep getting matched with bad teams is because you surrender or quit so readily. How do you expect to complete lore challenges if you give up so easily? Like I said, losing in the first five minutes is irrelevant, you still have 25 minutes to come back and win. Stick it out and you’ll have a lot more fun. My most memorable games are late game comebacks.

“Turtling” is a viable strategy in Incursion, holding up the defenses until late game then baiting and sweeping the enemy team. It’s a tactic I use regularly, aggressive players become impatient and start chaining mistakes while you calmly destroy mid turret and clear minion waves while waiting for that helix augment or gear piece you need to make the push. Aggressors typically make several pushes on a sentry per game, turtlers only need one big push, better to destroy the enemy sentry in one move then chip away and lose mid when you’re inevitably pushed back.

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What’s your PSN? Let’s start anew and play with my group sometime, we’ll show you a few tactics including the late game push that often gets us the win. Even if we lose our first sentry while setting up, we often take out both sentries in a big 1-2 push.

Viable? Yes.

It’s also valid to tell your turtle friends that it’s time to go.

I’ve written a similar topic before…
Shameless plug, haha… Surrender - Trying to build a bridge and get over it, but TROLLS!

It’s happening earlier and earlier in matches, than I discussed in my topic however.

It annoys me… And the quitters annoy me…

Yes, it’s just a game, and there are valid reasons for surrendering and dropping out…
But some of the ones in this thread make me lol…

Firstly, health is very important, and one does have to take care of number one before they can take care of number two…

But didn’t you say “it’s a game”…
The winning and losing, and rushing off seems to be very important for ‘its a game’…

And I know the most common reason is “I don’t want to grind it out, when I only want a quick match”, yet you go on to play 10 more ‘quick matches’ which could have totalled to one extremely rewarding victory… So it’s got nothing to do with time, but your lack of patience…

And the lore reasonings… Yes, they exist, yes some can only be done in PvP… But they really aren’t ‘match ruining’, if you are the decent gamer that I’m sure we all like to think we are, they are doable while still achieving your objective… (though, I think they would be better left out of PvP, but that’s another thread)…

I just wish people would be more patient…
learn to grind it out…
don’t surrender while the score is under 100 in meltdown because you are handing the winning team the title ‘reborn as badass’ - win 10 meltdown matches while the VS team score is under 100…
learn to at least get to the half way point in Meltdown too, as 250 can become anyone’s match if you push hard enough…

Let’s all have fun, and try not to be the party pooper whom dismisses everyone else just because they want their own way (the quitter).

P.S: And stop spamming surrender, if it was voted down, it’s voted down! You are distracting your team members whom are trying their best to achieve victory, by having them constantly vote for something ‘you’ have given up on… Big boy pants, put them on.

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I agree to this totally especially the lore part especially PvP lores. If you’re stressing too much on it then it’ll just be frustrating. It will eventually complete. Like my Thorn’s 20 airborne volley kills. I bear in mind that I need to kill an enemy using volley while airborne. Whenever i see and enemy that is almost dead I just jump and volley shot them. If i don’t kill them well too bad. Try again.

These quitters… are the most annoying ones. I BET they quit a ton in Overwatch too.

Ten matches in a row? WTF! How can anyone play more than 2 before getting a headache? I normally play 1 match every 45 minutes. Finally I never said I spam the surrender button, nor do I surrender when being down 50 points.

Kinda hard to quit in OW, the matches don’t last that long. I can play games like TF2 all night, win or lose and have fun. It’s just Mobas that enrage me for some reason. Before you say, " Well don’t play Mobas". Before Battleborn I didn’t.

Not to worry, it was a generalised post containing one of your quotes…
The ‘you’ mentions are just in reference to anyone whom does the following and to reconsider…
Sorry if it felt targeting souly at only yourself… I’m sharing the annoying love around, haha :wink:

If I understood what you said correctly, It’s no surprise then if you didn’t play MOBAs before Battleborn. MOBAs can be very rage inducing. Even worse like DOTA when you can’t tell you’re going againts very experienced players.

If you’ve always enjoyed TF2 then yes OW is for you. Well who wouldn’t like those quick games to kill a couple of mins.

However right now we’re in Battleborn, this is definitely how it will be. I do hope that the matchmaking gets improved but I still however do not condone quitting games. MOBA has always been a game with learning curve. If you keep quitting you will never learn and will never see or be part of a HUGE come back which will make a game so satisfactory you can just lay back, relax and feel the awesome satisfaction

Btw, I’ve seen a TON of quitters in OW. Even within less than 5 minutes in the game.

Oh ok np :slight_smile:

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