People that surrender at 5 minutes

You will continue to not understand the game mode, nor perform well, if you don’t take the time to learn the map, game and how to comeback and win.


I surrender 5 minutes in when enemy team is premade (I’m solo) and each of them has 30+ higher CR than us. There’s nothing fun to be had getting brutally stomped by players who are clearly better and/or more coordinated than you.

If Gearbox did a better job with its matchmaking, people wouldn’t feel the need to surrender 5 minutes in.

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I think the matchmaking based on skill is fine. It’s the matchmaking based on work ethic that needs help.


I agree that surrendering quickly is no fun, but I can understand why alot of people do it. If in incursion you have nearly lost first sentry by then it can be disheartening.

I find myself wondering though, how often is this caused by thinking they have no chance and not even trying. Right now matchmaking seems descent to me and friends we play with. Very rarely do we steamroll the opposition or get steamrolled. When we do it’s because we do something really stupid for the laughs (boldur, montana, isic, kelvin, galilea…all the tanks). Most matches are very close (several getting called by time with only one to three point differences).

I think some things that would make both sides happy (those who feel they have no chance and those that are tired of teammates or opponents quitting early) need to be implemented.

Hide command rank. Ok, I know everyone thinks command rank is some holy number that measures how epic you are…but its not. I was command 30 before I tried pvp and when I started I was terrible. Didn’t know maps, didn’t understand good matchups vs opponents. Made all the bad decisions. I am now better, but hardly epic or anything. At command 45 I feel I am average. I have played command rank 5 people who were way better at pvp.

Have a message popup suggesting in game chat for solo players. This is a team game. Even the super frentic capture requires coordination. I understand some players don’t want to chat, but just plug some earbuds in then so you can listen. Knowing what your teammates are up to will help you decide how to act. Some players don’t know the importance, or may not even realize in game exists; so this reminder may help.

Give ample reward for opposing team if your team surrenders. I am not going to voice punishing quitters and such, that is just not a debate I want to be in. However, the frustration of queing up and having the opponents quit can be an irritation. Not only do have to reque and such (wasting time), but you get less xp/credits. I like playing pve because I am guaranteed a reward. I don’t mind losing at pvp, but when I win and get almost nothing for it…that just sucks.

I am sure other things would help out, but these 3 are my top picks (in that order) to help addressing this. Cheers


I am tired of people who do that, or join and just sit there and don’t play and surrender. And you can’t report these players, when can you start reporting. I hate leechers.


Doubt pizza is complaining about the SBMM, more that he has to find a group if he wants a chance to win due to frequently being matched with full teams while running solo. I think it should be addressed as well. Solo players should have a better chance of being matched up against solo players. We know that there isn’t many people who use mics, and if they do, they are in parties, cutting off communication to the team.

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Thanks for that post, very well thought out. I think that the matchmaking doesn’t really kick in until you’ve played around 20 games to be honest. At first, games were over in incredibly fast fashion. One team would wipe the other within minutes. Now, every game is down to the wire and very tense. I think it’s working, I think people just have to give it time.

fair point.

Was playing a round of meltdown last night, down 20-80 when two people on my team tried to surrender. I was like “seriously?”. We adapted, locked down the lanes and won 500-280.


I live for those moments.

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If it’s 5 minutes in, they have a 23-0 Kill score and our Sentry is taking damage/dead already?

Yeah, callin’ that REAL quick.

Not feeling like bashing my head into a wall for the next 10-20 minutes.


I wish I had the same sense as you to call it quits. Maybe it was pride not to drop so easily so I kept fighting back. But I wish we could have just called it early. But I just spent a half hour Incursion match just padding out my stats, and I was losing!

People always like to keep saying “You can do it, you just have to try, just gotta keep fighting! Yeah!” No, you can tell when it starts falling apart when you actually look around and see how everything is going. First sentry down in 5 min, they would throw themselves at us and die, yet they were always pushing. We killed them, we killed their minions, we killed their mercs, but we never managed to push back. There was never any sense of “Hey we can turn this around if we push hard enough.” Because all we did was push and push and nothing ever gave.

My team just did not have the focus or cohesive power to actually become a threat, because the enemy team just did not give a ■■■■. Hell, I bet they could have finished the game sooner but I’m sure they were just playing the time out for max credit, so they ■■■■■■ around and made us think we were doing something.

We get huge credit too, whoo, I couldn’t care. Nothing was gained from that match except an ever increasing hate for that damn luchador. It wasn’t fun or exciting. It was us just pounding our faces against a wall.

If I call for a surrender at 5 minutes, there’s a good reason for it. I had an incursion match last night where they took our first sentry out on the first push (around 3-4 mins in). We had all died at least once without getting a single kill in return. I wasn’t playing that match out, called it quits the moment I got the chance and the surrender vote passed in a record time.

Extreme circumstances aside, I’ll usually wait until it’s clear our team isn’t mounting a comeback before calling for a surrender. If we have no chance of winning but the match is still somewhat competitive, I’ll tough it out. Heck, I’ll probably still have a good time, had a match like that yesterday. If we’re getting facerolled, I’m initiating a surrender. There’s no fun to be had when you can’t even fight back.

The time for one needs to be upped to 10min for a surrender.

I am of the opinion if a team is good enough to force another team to surrender they should be amply rewarded. Command XP, Credits, and possibly a loot pack.

What OP is getting at I completely agree. If you don’t try to understand how another team is playing so well and the strat they are using how are you even going to compare. You want to just continuously find other teams that are more lacking than your own?


I disagree teams should not be rewarded for an easy win. As I primary play solo i have no problems asking for an early surrender partically if my team lacks coordination or the pug Miko decides he can better help the team as a DPS I just straight up give up at that point as 99% of the time it turns into a loss. Untill match making pairs players based on their actual skill level (not rank or time played) this will happen alot. Would be nice if premade teams were forced to play other premades only but nothing can be perfect.

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I dont blame them in some circumstances, if ur put in a team with level 10s agaisnt high levels, without any character balance there is almost no way of turning things around.

No. If your team is better than the other team and they leave by means of rage quit or surrender you DO deserve enhanced rewards. This balances what you would have potentially got if those same players had played the game through to its entirety. Leaving too soon because you think you are going to lose is a losers mindset. Some heros have great early game whereas others have better middle/late game.

How is one to know an outcome if one does not try?


Liked for the DPS Miko comment. I actually disagree with not rewarding teams for forcing the enemy to surrender.

Problem is your thought process doesn’t work when you are a bunch of solo players matched against a pre made communicating team. 99% of the time the pre made team that is communicating is going to steam roll the solo team. Makes for not a very fun match if you are a solo player.

Why should a team of pre mades get a larger reward for do nothing special in defeating a bunch of uncoordinated, non communicating solo player’s?

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