People that surrender at 5 minutes

Maybe the reward could be given at a certain time frame then?..
I understand the annoyance of getting beat (by premades, or even coordinated solos)…

So maybe if a solo player has given it a fair shot with their assigned team (say several minutes, or at a certain win/loss score margin) and they are still losing no matter how hard they try, only then will the surrendered to team get a bonus reward…

Otherwise, if it’s a matter of just getting boned, and opt out early…
Then maybe it’s fair enough, no extra bonus is given.

(PS: I wrote a topic yesterday, I’m unsure how to share it via a quote link… So I’ll just hyperlink it here: A reason NOT to surrender (I believe in you buddy!))

And? Why shouldn’t they? How bout using your mics or this forum to find people to play with so you are not solo queue? You are responsible for your own actions, if you solo queue, don’t come complaining that a premade team beat you…

Other games give increased exp and credit gain to pre-mades to encourage actually getting to know people or getting known friends to play along, not to crush people without said cohesion. They actually understand how to treat their playerbase and push people to making groups. Increased reward already comes from winning. That’s all you’ll get because that’s what you earned. Not getting some super bonus because of a vast list of circumstances that led a team to call it early.

Could be they lost a person and hasn’t come back forcing them to 4v5. This game’s netcode isn’t perfect, no game’s is; this not including any ■■■■ that happens in the real world. So either they have to tough it out and get beat on or give you a bigger bonus. They already lost but it doesn’t matter, you should get more points anyway, because reasons.

It’s impossible for a game mechanic to understand every circumstance and reward thusly. ■■■■ happens. Life is chaotic. It’s enough some games have penalties for when ■■■■ like that happens and assumes you just rage-quit. But giving the other team a bigger reward just for ■■■■ like that would be pretty messed up.

No. Rewards are still justified, if you have an emergency (b/c life happens apparently) you are still abandoning your team and wasting the opposing team’s (and your own) time, thus, they should be rewarded.

I’ve seen posts asking for teams that surrender to be punished. After thinking it through I feel that would be too harsh as there are scenarios where the balancing would be off. I would go as far as saying if you surrender you get no command xp, character xp, credits or loot pack(s), (as the biggest penalty) again I think that is quite harsh.

Anyone ever heard of incentives? It’s the carrot and a stick analogy…If you get rewarded for being a good player and forcing other teams to surrender, I’m willing to bet players would try to step up their game.

Who is complaining??? I was talking in general for people who play solo. I play both solo and with friends. And your suggestions to use your Mic is hilarious, I have a Mic on every game I play but that doesn’t mean you can make other people do the same.

Other games have created seperate matchmaking for pre mades or limited the amount of people that can party up. So that info right there should tell you that it is definitely an issue that other like games have addressed.

And to suggest a team should be penalized for surrendering is just stupid. The pro esports teams do it. It’s not always about someone rage quitting like you make it out to be.

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Dude it’s like an hour for one match nobody wants to sit at respawns for an hour of their life. It’s game supposed to have fun not be beaten over the head with a matchmaking stick that is as ■■■■■■■■ as another naked gun movie


There’s no earthy reason in any skill based system that you should be placing anyone under level 5 against 30+ unless they’re using some seriously skewed data sets like kdr, DPS, and hit accuracy%.

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I think there should be insentive for fair matches theres no fun in dominating or being dominated, its those moments the game is either boring or frustrating.

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Agree, but trying harder once you start leveling a better helix or gear, can often turn things around… Those games are the most satisfying. Win or lose by just a small margin. Stay in the game for the duration and see what happens.

Speaking for myself and my clan we have a general rule. Don;t you dare hit that surrender unless it’s snowballed.

In Incursion Ok, one sentry death and the other team gets those damn overshield bots it’s done most times. But Meltdown? No.

I had two matches yesterday in solo while waiting for my crew to login. The first was lost before it even began as I was stuck with a 4 man team of PvPers. They just wanted player kills, from the start they ran out, just ignored all buildables, never touched the shards, ignored the lanes and rushed the enemy base and lanes just chasing guys for kills. I spend 4 minutes being the only one to shard/build and getting murdered - most of the team was on like 20 second cooldown by the 5 minute mark- It was not just salt inducing. They all had open mics and were just dumb. Yelling at one another and me to “get to killing” thats not how you freaking win a match! This is Meltdown not team deathmatch. So yeah I hit that surrender button asap and of course they ignored it and made me hand around in match for 20 minutes watching them keep running out and feeding the other team levels. It got to the point where I;d run out to shard or build and the other team was chilling outside our spawn most of them level 10 while my crew was lvl 2 or 1 thanks to their ideology. By that point I gave up and base sat. And yeah the other guys STILL RUSHED OUT feeding the other team more and more kills. The only plus to getting that was I got a crap ton more XP and stuff from my hard work shard farming and building/minion hunting then they did. I got the hatemail to amuse me afterward.

Second match was a odd case. I had a solid team - I know odd right?- against another mixed rank random team. The game was kinda lopsided and one of our guys wanted a surrender. Dunno why but just as we were about to throw that in the other teams Kleese just bailed. Left the match leaving them with 2 midranges and 2 melee without any support. We had our full squad of balanced guys - 2 midrange, 1 tank, 1 assassin and a godlike ambra player who knew his stuff- We just ignore the vote, hunkered down and got to work. We locked those lanes down, pushed em way the hell back and won by a landslide. I admit I was shocked and the other side was screaming bloody murder over open mics. I think maybe their Kleese got the idea the game was a lock and just left.

So, while I get why people want to I think it depends on the teams in question. If the games a close one just stick it out you can make comebacks, if your getting steamrolled yeah toss that towel. But by the same token if you want out and can’t get it, maybe just do what I do, shard farm and build, pick off some minions pad your own XP and screw the others. If the teams getting hammered that bad just look out for yourself and try you best to get the XP you deserve for doing stuff right and working hard. Least then when the agony ends you get good Xp rewards for your pain.

That said I’d support a instant surrender if your paired with these PvP deathmatch types. Those are about the only games I wish I could quit from instantly, they always go nowhere and make me want to bash my head against a wall. The worst is deathmatchers in incursion. My lord they are dumb. “oh lets rush the enemy base and kill em all!” you can guess what happens, they get minion murdered and leave me all alone back at our sentry trying to minion/shard and hireling farm solo while they feed the other team.

From the other side, ok I get why many of y’all want the team to be rewarded for making the opposition surrender, you feel like your times being wasted and you want compensation. One problem.

That mentality is a Ranked mentality not one typical to normal game match types who want to just have close fun matches. Y’all want to win, you go full bore into a game and expect it to go full term. Lots of matches do not. This is not ranked, theres no incentive here for a team getting steamrolled to stay and try for a comeback, why should they? so you can have a longer match? But it’s not fun for them so, either you don’t give a fudge and want “your fun” or your really a hidden ranked player who wants everything to be hyper competitive. In both cases your in luck. Ranked is coming so yay, you won;t have to spend time in pub lobbies anymore moaning about steamrolling rookies or not getting a challenge from “quitters” You can go to ranked and get long matches because likely theres a risk there for surrender and loss that will make people stay till the end.

Sorry if I touched some gears there but I have zero patience for folks who have that sort of " I’m not getting mine so you get punished" mentality, we play games to have fun, punishing people for quitting when they are not having fun is just dumb.

If you want longer matches maybe consider letting up, let the other guys have a hope in heck and fight back? Before you rail on me Yes I do often do this with my teams. If we are steamrolling them we will lighten our hold, maybe let them push a lane deeper, or build a few turrets or rebuild their base, maybe let em sneak behind us to steal our shards. Often enough -even though we realize we are letting them- this is enough to motivate them to see a hope and stay, dig in and fight all the harder because their confidence grows. Then when we push back, shock and awe they actually dig in and contest and contest well! because now they are leveled, confident and see that “ok we can do this!”

If I want a longer game thats how my clan does it, we help the other guys to see “look you need to change playstyle” and once they do, we get tight intense matches that are fun for everyone. Hell we’ve even lost some by barely 5 points and still got GG comments from all involved, quite a few Thanked us for letting them try to comeback and more then a few sent us thank you messages because once we let up the mechanics clicked and they suddenly understood how to best help their crew, be it minion hunting, shard farming or whatever.

I guess my point is that, if you want longer matches with casual folks, maybe try not being a MLG pro360 and try being a player, look at it from their angle and realize they are getting stomped and not having fun, why stay. If you make the game fun, give them a shot most of the time they will dig in and maybe surprise you. Oh and please don;t come back at me with " your a tool, giving them hope for a win when they have no shot, just finish em" No, i don;t roll like that nor does my clan, all of us know how to play and steamrolling rookies or hell even players who are just having bad days - we all have bad days- is not how we find fun. We find it in good matches and lots of times all folks need is some self confidence. This is not ranked, what are we loosing if we lighten our hold and give em time and a chance to figure out the finer mechanics? nothing, actually we might be helping you because that team will now get how to make comebacks and could, someday give you a longer non surrender match.

That goes for anyone that plays members of my clan, we have a standing rule so if your against us and getting crushed, before you surrender please send that member a PSN message saying " Mercy" all my crews know that means to lighten their hold and stop being pro. they will do as we did above and let you try to make a comeback but you gotta work for it just remember, they are not gonna just give you a win, they will “ignore” some vital facts, but not hand it to you. If they don’t get their names and message me, I’m clan founder and my people know I have zero tolerance for ignoring one of our founding principles.