People to generally play with, and getting gold in normal/advanced hardcore


I hope this is the right place to post this. Anyway, I just got my PS4 about a month ago and have been playing Battleborn since. I love this game. I do however have zero people to play it with, haha. I have achieved all I can playing with randoms in the normal and advanced playlists, getting gold in both playlists on every mission. I now need to start hardcore, but with zero people to play with, no hardcore normal playlist, and the advanced mode playlist being very hit or miss (when it comes to teammates), it is currently looking impossible. I have added some people here and there that I have met in matchmaking to my friends list and they’ll add me, but they never want to do anything… or even reply, haha. I don’t know how much will come of me posting here, but I hope something does. Thank you for reading.

PSN ID: deadpixel_EXE
Command Rank: 100
Season Pass: Yes
Main Characters: Thorn, Phoebe, Alani, and a little Deande

Request/message sent. PSN ID langfordrocks. Thanks.

Whereabouts are you? I’d love to help but I live in Australia so time differences :sweat:. PSN is Quack858 if you’re interested.

It’s the right spot. I’d say yes but I don’t have much time to play and if I do it’ll pretty much only be the DLC for a month or two

ID is the same as it is here, and i’m usually on between 12:00am and 5:00am U.S. Central time. Don’t be afraid to ask me to play if you see me playing Battleborn, or any offline story game; this usually means i’m free.

Got it and accepted. Look forward to playing with you.

I live in California, so Pacific. I have a pretty good amount of free time (though very random), especially Monday through Wednesday. I’ll add you and we can see what happens. Anyway, nice to meet you.

I have the DLC. While I have gotten Platinum on normal mode, I do need it on hardcore. If you want to add me go ahead, if not that is cool too. Thanks for the reply.

I’ll add you when I get the time. It’s nice to meet you.

Awesome, added. I can play… anyone really. Except maybe melees, haven’t played much with them in the DLC thus far. I’ve heard good things about Phoebe though.


I haven’t tried most of the characters outside of what I was forced to play and the 4 that I switch between. I will get to them once I start tackling everyone’s lore though. Anyway, I haven’t tried melee in the new DLC either, just a lot of Alani (love her).

So I just played with Marquis, and I discovered without skill damage, I could take her down half health with one well placed ult. With Aria’s Encore I think it could do the same in three player

I accepted your request kind sir. Nice to meet you too ^^