People to play Online games with on BL2 and Pre Sequel

I’m level 35 and want someone to play with at any level :smile:

gt: pettigree

usually playing bl pretty heavily

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GT: iamthaculprit

always down to play when i can

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u wanna play with me

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i wannah play with you :wink:

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How is everyone? I play borderlands 2 mainly solo but wouldn’t mind finding a group or just another player to game with. Currently I am level 61. My gt is : siochain13 on xbox 1

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add my gt: frixity. I usually just solo raid bosses on BL2.

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I just got the game over the weekend havent really played much add me tho GT is xxxundeadjesus my character is maya and im level 16

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Gt: Swagsta 6

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I’m Aussie I have school usually mon-Friday - I’m on a lot apart from that

I am online right now if someone wants to play im only level 16 but wouldnt mind being boosted up if someone would be kindly enough to do that for me.

Looking for people to play with I’m bl2 mostly gt: Illusions skill just send me a message

Im on alot too and im also trying to get ppl to play with im currently at lv50 my tag is THE CURLY JE5U5 fell free to add me.

Hey I tried adding you but I think you mispell ed your gtag. It tells me you don’t exist when I type it exactly like that.

My tag is LilElvisLIVE, I’m always looking for people to farm with. My pride and joy is my Sal currently at level 56, but I have a lot of characters at different levels.

This goes for Anyone Looking for Chill Player’s feel free to hit me up Gt’s DemonBerserker Thxs

Gt:xXBladedxRageXx (I’m so sorry i was younger)
Playing pre sequel currently always up for some bl.

I’m a 36 in BL2. Feel free to message me.
METHematics ftw

The curly j35u5 all caped locked. I need help with dead lift on uvhm im on now