People to play with on Ps4?

Well, since this games player base is dying, it’s probably a good idea for the loyalists to ban together… Anyone available to play regularly on the ps4, or perhaps there’s already a thread for this?

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There is a category just for the PS4 platform. That may better suit what you’re looking for, so Ive moved you there.

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Trust me, the player base isn’t dying. Add Parade_of_Death on PSN. I play regularly.

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Add me too psn: nagisteve

Hit me up anytime psn: genocidejack86

I’ve got a crappy mic at the moment but I plan on getting a new one this week.

Awesome thanks guys! I haven’t been on for a minute but I’ll add!

If you’re looking for an extra person, I’ll be happy to tag along. My username is “Flyux” :slight_smile:

Add psn: juliosaboia

I’m tired of losing PvP matches.
I’m a battleborn n00b add me. RavenousLD3341

Add psn: Fulviutza

Any of you guys feel free to add me as well, Tenebeat on PSN. I’m tired of getting stomped on PvP by premades, I finally need some people to play with.


Add me!!!

I added everybody on this thread earlier so hit me up!

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You can add me, PSN SayBacon

I will add when I get home

Guys I’m sorry it’s been so long I’ve been on the forums. I’ll add y’all now!

To ride seanshineyouth’s coattails, I’m a super casual player - evenings and weekends (Pacific Time) - and only play PVE, but if any of you fine folk would like to add me, it would make the game more fun than sitting in the lobby for half an hour watching matchmaking spin endlessly.

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Shoot me a friend request genocidejack86, just got my buddy to pick up BB so i’m helping him run through the story missions.

Request sent! Thanks.

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