People who have not played for long, month+

What made you quit?

what would make you instantly come back?


Im the opposite! I’ve barely gone 24hours without at least a 2hour session!! Lol


that is called off topic :d


University :stuck_out_tongue: and free time :3

srsly tho level cap increase and events made me come back, got bored for a bit bc of burnout

I’m sick of the pace it takes to fix things busted since month one, almost all of which relate to FL4K’s pets and issues that makes them deal 1/5 of the damage they could be doing (not gaining cryo bonuses, Gamma not working on attack commands, Friendbot not working, etc…).

Normally I’d buy Borderlands DLC day one, but I still haven’t gotten Moxxi DLC, tried Maliwan raid, or played any of the events including this one going on right now. I don’t want to play the game in a state where it is 1) Not fun for me to play, and is a constant source of irritation and 2) messing up skills and play styles that were already functional in previous games (Stackbot working like it does is silly when both CA and I Never Miss did nearly the same thing without issue)

I’m waiting for Mayhem 2.0, but honestly, it seems that GB has chosen the path of only changing numbers instead of mechanics. Pet FL4K is the worst character to play in the franchise in terms of both feel AND effectiveness, and I just don’t think GB is going to change anything about it so I probably won’t come back until the level cap hits 59 or we get some more pet anointed gear or something.


Eh people can’t make their own fun and instead of just go for a walk on Eden-6 and see what happens, they feel they must lock themselves in for 500 runs of the same boss… IMO people do it to themselves, the game is fine. Some burnt out because it was soooo good that they consumed it too fast. Some quickly dismissed the game and purely have mental barriers (self created) that prevent them from coming back, like a jade view that isn’t entirely true.

For any who solely ran a boss on a savequit routine, that isn’t exactly playing the game but more fishing for a single item. Exploiting savequit

Let’s put an idea out there;

How fun is it to start on Nekrotafeyo and work you way back, clearing maps and not being obsessed over X time input for X amount of gear.

In one session I have managed to clear 3 planets - I walked, I fought bosses once then moved onto the next. Its a huge session before savequit, it has variety and I pick up legs along the way, sometimes more because I’m engaged in the chosen path as opposed to doing 30 giga runs and leaving because it became monotonous.

Its up to the individual to find things to do and I feel a majority of people restrict themselves. For those who are still engaged, these are the types of player who mix it up because they know very well that running one boss 100 times will diminish enthusiasm faster then the dlc can land.

On topic tho: I haven’t left :slight_smile:


I’m mostly just lingering around the forums because I’ve been active here so long it feels weird not to be.

I haven’t been playing Borderlands 3 that much. After waiting forever on it to release it really does feel like it was released rushed/unfinished with not a lot(if any) testing. I’ve been playing BL2/TPS some and dabbling with other games(The Witcher, Bioshock).

For me, my main class, Moze has broken skills. The big on is Means of Destruction doesn’t work properly and sometimes doesn’t work at all, at least on PlayStation.

I’ve tried other classes but each one is met with a glaring flaw:

Flak-Pets are weak. Playing with pets was the main reason I wanted to try them. Also, a lot of skills don’t seem to work or don’t work as advertised.

Amara- can be fun but it seems like play is heavily favored into Ties that Bind. Her other action skills don’t seem to work as great and also don’t work with many of her augments…there is also a super annoying audio bug that seems to take place when you have grenade/shield that add mutliple elements to ASE.

Zane has actually been super fun and is the main thing keeping me playing. I’m disappointed that the Seeing Dead classmod is as powerful as it is. It seems it was a bandaid slapped on to ignore the class not functioning as well as it should but I have fun playing with a purple Rabble Rouser class mod.

To summarize, I feel like I am making such an effort to like this game, as opposed to just having fun with it.

I would really like to be able to just play my main class Moze but she is broken and MoD has been broken since the Beam Grenade change back in November…

I guess I still dabble though I haven’t purchased the dlc yet(and refuse to until class skills work properly).


500 walks on Eden 6 is just as boring as killing the same boss 500 times. I’ve beaten it all so many times that there is no challenge. Quite the opposite, every time I beat any part of the game it’s easier than the last time, so there is even less of a feeling of accomplishment. There’s nothing to do except doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and…

IMO, anyone who thinks that playing the same thing over and over hundreds of times is either fun or rewarding in any way has no life.

I have a life. I have a wife, children, pets, a career, hobbies, and hundreds of video games to choose from.

If the most interesting thing I could think of to do with my life was replay the same part of the same game for the 500th time, just to see if I could beat it with weapon X instead of weapon Y, I would probably shoot myself in the head. I have infinitely more fun playing fetch with my dog than doing more of that.


I’ve built an M4 Moze, played since Nov 29th, am still playing Moze and searching the entire game world for gear upgrades. Saving my FL4K run for Mayhem 2. I still haven’t been back to a dozen maps in the game and let me put this to you;

My godroll Cutsman came from a toilet and I have killed Borman once. My other 4 cuts came from random places.

How is it that one player has no more fun to gleam from the game and yet I have 3 classes yet to build and a slew of things to try? I calculate another 200hrs in store for me and thats an understatement.


I am trying to think of a thoughtful response to this question, but the only thing I can think of is it simply has stopped being fun for me. And when something stops being fun you move on to other games. I did enjoy my time with Borderlands 3 for a while though.

Between the bugs, the fact that I will never be able to finish and perfect my build without some kind of insane luck, the fact that my Mendel shield is now outdated and needs replaced which would require me resetting the entire campaign (not to mention getting it anointed), and the extreme co op lag, it just stopped being fun for me.

One final note for me is the fact that the overall story and world is not as interesting as BL2, which only pushes me away more. My build will also never be able to compete with other people’s damage output because the balancing in this game is uh, interesting, but that last part is more of a me liking Iron Bear even though it is non meta problem.

I do not know if this post will mean anything to anyone, since these are my own personal reasons and I know a lot of people will not agree with them, but since OP asked… here it is.

I will be back for the DLC though since I own the season pass. But I might not stay, as for what else can bring me back, I am not really sure at this point.


I’m sorry, but this is totally missing the point of the looter genre for many. People like to make specialized builds with specific pieces of gear to further increase their power. That is what the end game of this genre is often all about. Save/Quit boss farming is not a “self created” issue, it is implemented by the developer and has been flat out encouraged by GBX as the only way to reliably find a specific piece of gear. Otherwise, good luck farming the exact item + element + anointment combo you want by “taking walks on Eden-6”. You might get it within a year, if you’re really lucky.

Just because you have some unique way of enjoying the game doesn’t mean other people are wrong to say that the end game of this game is not in a good place when you compare it to other games in the same genre that actually have an endgame; it just doesn’t affect your personal play style. This would be like me only playing the campaign in CoD and saying everyone who thinks the multiplayer is crap is making the problem up, because they could just play single player.


To make the game fresh I play with 5 characters, and for every character I use a different weapon brand (2 brands for character). Probably I’ll wait ps5 with Borderlands 3 ahahah

IMO there is no end to this game, you will always be seeking. It is the brilliance of loot games. Sure the story ends and you’ve been everywhere but the gear never ends :slight_smile:


End-game is just a term that refers to the portion of the game that opens up to players that have reached max level and finished the main campaign. It is a common term used in the MMO/looter genre, and to many people that play these games, it is where the real fun begins to farm better gear, create more powerful builds, and tackle the highest level of content, and then rinse and repeat. BL3 does not have much going for it in this area, because there is no real way to target specific gear other than to boss farm, and there isn’t much to do with that gear other than the Takedown. Yes, you can “make up your own fun” by doing random things on various planets, but the point is you shouldn’t have to. BL3 is just a bit behind the times compared to how the rest of the genre has evolved.

To be on topic though and to add a little positivity: I have recently started playing as FL4K, so that has been fun. Unleashing Rakks on everyone is more fun than expected. I tried Zane too, but action skills that are no more than “set it and forget it” have always bored me in these games (Roland, Axton).


came back to check out the level increase (woopy F’in doo…) wich is a huge letdown…
and to check the event…

what will bring me back to the game? if the main game was at the level of quality of the DLC…
and when they fix a LOT of broken things, improve the menu, remove anointed from the game (or actualy make them decent instead of the broken trash they are now)

atm BL2 is much better then this game… allmost feels like they didn’t use it as a template and just screwed around trowing sh… at the wall to see what sticks…


I find it strange how in a thread asking people why they stopped playing, people are insistent on trying to push why they should. The game is fine for many people, more power to y’all, but the OP was asking why people stopped, not why they’re still here :wink:


As someone who has just recently started playing FL4K (as I stated in my last post), I’m definitely baffled by what they want the pets to be. Even at low levels on Normal mode, the pets are really only useful as an aggro/revive tool. Normally the pets on a pet class in similar games absolutely wreck, I do not understand why they have not made them significantly more powerful, and also increased their attack frequency. IMO, the pets should at the very least be as effective as Gaige’s DT on NVHM, which was an absolute beast in that mode. That should have been their starting reference point.


Outside farming or making a new character, there’s nothing to really do.

  • Farming is boiled down to did you get the right version of a gun with the right anointments
  • Guardian ranks might as well not be a thing given the 15% cap and how much a slog it is to level it, feels like you are making zero progress
  • Cash is worthless
  • Eridium is worthless
  • Cosmetics are limited and most people have them all already aside from the super special ones given to select youtubers/streamers and not any of us peasants
  • Making another new character is a huge slog even with the skippable cutscenes due to how long it takes to make progress and having to refill the locations
  • Performance and load times on console make it an extra slog due to how much time you spend just waiting for the game to load instead of playing, makes replaying or reloading content a chore
  • Character balance is still not where it needs to be, Moze and Fl4k in particular feel like you are fighting against the character’s design because of how poor they tend to fare and synergize even with their own trees and gear. Wotan as end game content is proof enough that they never bothered to test the boss against Fl4k since their pet just suicides and is down 99% of the fight unless you run gamma and make it invincible.

Overall there just isn’t a whole lot you can reasonably work toward to have fun despite how much gearbox want people to keep on playing. It’s not enough for there to be a carrot, chasing it needs to be entertaining and not feel like a job.


I stopped playing because save/quit farming is a terrible gameplay design. DLC didn’t add any fun end game things to like more circles of slaughter which were fun for a while. I’ll come back when there are more DLCs and more end game activities get added.


I play Fl4k;

  • Countless bugs with Fl4k’s skills and Class Mods makes it frustrating to play, especially since some of these bugs are detrimental as opposed to making something “useless”.
  • I have most of what I would have wanted in terms of gear, and a lot of the gear that I would want to use for something or another are underpowered leaving me with the same handful of viable weapons to use (which gets boring).
  • Personal annoyances like the Linc Pistol dropped by the Anointed Alpha being bugged and unable to come anointed as well as the Anointed Alpha glitching out and moon-walking off the map once you kill him.
  • Barbaric Yawp not working on the Jabber preventing me from being super sonic.

More General annoyances;

  • Story isn’t good enough to make me want to play it again.
  • Lack of standard Raid Bosses that I can go and fight for fun
  • Lack of incentive to even collect in-game currency (money and eridium seem so irrelevant it makes me mad)
  • Lack of Bank Space to accommodate my hoarding. I don’t like the “Inventory Management Simulator” I’ve had to play for the last 2ish months before I stopped playing.
  • 3 Levels aren’t enough to entice me back, it’s only like 20-60 minutes of gameplay. Don’t know what they were going for but bringing players back wasn’t one of them.
  • Sanctuary NPCs that wouldn’t even let you do the mundane task of Inventory Management in piece. That guy/gal banging on the Quick Change station needs to be deleted.
  • Why does Ava exist?