People with modded BA rank/full skill trees

Dear cheaters,

Please save me the time it takes to inspect you and boot you from my game. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!


PS. I hope next time you are editing your save your computer crashes and catches fire destroying your save data.


Lmao this is the Thread of the year!!! Nothing worse than a guy with his BA rank in the MILLIONS

The only thing I hate more is when someone is using a Kinect for a mic and you constantly hear sounds from the game or annoying children in the background

Both are annoying i have never modded my ba rank more. the only time i even cheat persay is using glitches or farming easier legendaries and grinding them to get a weapon that is insanely hard or annoying to get into a game.

Btw thanks again for agreeing to be the fourth member in our game, more details back at original thread

Seeing as you are on console especially, dont go around talking about gibbing. Just because something is hard to get, dosnt justify breaking your consoles ToS.