Peoples ideas kind of overwhelming, no?

There have been a lot of ideas floating around for balancing and the such. It is so much so that it seems a wonder that anyone can even get through it all, but there are dedicated people that I am thankful for that are looking out for Homeworld best interest.

However, there are A LOT of proposed ideas and proposed changes that it makes me nervous. It makes me nervous because all of that has the potential to really change the game from what the majority of people love to play, including myself.

I know the aim is to make it a more balanced game, but there are so many ideas for changes floating around that I can’t help but be nervous.

To be honest, I kind of like the game the way it is. I have had nothing but fun with it. However, I do understand that there have to be some changes for balancing and what not. I guess this all came to a head with me when one of the ideas floated was to remove dock/heal. It’s just an idea, but it was enough to suddenly make me wary and concerned.

Just some thoughts. :neutral_face:


You’re not alone. I built and requested stickied an index thread in an attempt to keep some organization, but even with that it’s hard. It’s really easy to get off topic because of the relations between changes. There are great gems of comments about gravwells stuck in a thread who’s topic was about BCs for instance.

All I can say is that we all agreed to beta test, and with that comes the responsibility to test, provide feedback, and understand the flow of this testing community. We all have an equal voice and equal opprotunaty to highlight areas of concern.

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There are so many forum members trying to get a massive amount of changes done to this game. Putting aside any real issues when it comes to bugs, UI, and balancing, there are people proposing all kinds of changes.

If the developers were to make even half of them this would become a completely different formula and feel.

I hope they can see through all of that and adhere to the idea of simplicity being the best policy.


I completely agree with you rayner.

The dps balance issues should be the focus until all the races are playable in a competitive manner online. Only then should game mechanic changes be considered imo.


Just had to post to express my support of this!

There are so many threads and things being suggested about changing mechanics that worry me a bit. Removing fighter docking, removing production stacking…if half of these things happened, the game would be so different I’m not sure anyone can really be sure about the end result.

Balancing and fixing damage bugs and other balance issues is fine ofc!

Oh…and a lobby! hah


Well if we want HW1 vs HW2, these sort of things must be considered. Gearbox have already made the choice to merge these games and we have to make the best of it, so I suggest you get yourself heard, or you really will end up with something different.

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Just seems as though there are a lot of HW purists screaming bloody murder, albeit so very kindly most of the time.

I think what may worry most of these people is that they won’t be able to get HW like the way they used to know and love it, so there is this drive to affect a lot of changes.

Fair enough, but when it starts to look and feel as though it may very change the very foundation of the game itself, I am against this utterly and completely.

To reiterate, I would urge the developers to concentrate on the glaring issues and improvements that can be made without it affecting the very foundation of the game. Certain game dynamics like dock healing and production stacking should not be touched.


You can’t blame them, HW1 got murdered, literally. There is going to be compromise somewhere, no matter which team you are shipping for. That happened the moment Gearbox were unable to secure the source code for both titles (or were unwilling to work on HW1, I’ve forgotten).
We’ve had ten years to think on HW so I’d be surprised if there was nothing learned about possible improvements.

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I understand this completely. It’s a good thing for me that I like HW2.

However, I think there should be special care given to not outright changing the game itself, minus some of the more obvious bugs and some balancing changes.

HW purists have their valid grievances, but we should be extra, EXTRA careful not to mess with this game so much that it comes out the end a bastardized version of itself.

This game is pretty much sacred in my book.

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Yeah, most the suggested changes would ruin the game for me as they end up taking the game further and further away from what classic would be. It’s like all of these suggestions are what they wanted HW Classic to have but never did. Stick with changes to HW:R that make it close to HW Classic and leave the other suggestions to modders.

Don’t ruin the game by changing things that shouldn’t be changed.

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You think the only way to balance things are to change their hp and damage and any other change to make things balanced, even if it’d be better than that, is off limits?

You mean like how far away it is from HW1 classic?

Why can’t people that want to play a 12 year old unsupported game play the 12 year old unsupported game instead of insisting things are ruined for people that want HW2 and HW1 to work in multiplayer together?
Play just HW2 race vs HW2 race if that’s what you want. How on earth do you think the 4 races to be balanced with one another without changing anything with the HW2 races? I think the answer is you’re not actually putting any thought into it at all.

Bless you, sir. I am glad you exist. I hope you can understand a fellow homeworld fan’s intense trepidation about changes to something so venerated.

Just help me understand this:

Why would HW2 players not be satisfied that they could select the “HW2 Deathmatch” game mode in the lobby to play HW2 races only with classic balance on a steamworks platform?
Why does HWRM with all 4 races have to be less than it could be, when they can still play the game they don’t want to see changed unchanged just like they want?

I really do like the sound of a HW 2.5, as you say it.

However, why do hw2 players have to be relegated to a “classic balance”? Why can’t HWRM be adjusted and balanced so that it doesn’t change the solid feel and integrity of the game? I wouldn’t want to play with a HW2 race with different capabilities across game modes, if I understand you correctly.

I have fun with game right now, obviously overlooking some of the obvious fixes/patches/updates/balancing desperately needed. Even possibly more importantly, simple but tremendously important things like a Chat Lobby.

On just a little side note - Chat Lobby - really can’t say it enough. :thought_balloon:

Why not? It’s what HW1 players got when they tried HW2. It’s what BW players got when they tried SC2.

HW2 is still there and you can play it. Now there (should be) this other game that’s new.

I’m especially confused with how excited lots of people are to try out and break about the drastic changes in LotV, but there’s a few people here that really don’t want to “learn a new game”.
I guess I can somewhat understand, in that everyone knew SC2 was broken and a shadow of BW, but… frankly I don’t see how HW2 isn’t the same way in most regards when you compare it to HW1. And even if you think HW2 is overall better, I don’t see how people can’t see it could have been even better still. I think they just lack imagination and such, or oddly don’t find enjoyment in learning new things.

Well, at the very least, you wouldn’t have to “learn a new game” if you just play the HW2 only mode.

What’s even more confusing is that you can get people to admit that the HP upgrades aren’t nearly as impactful as things like EMP and Impr Torp, so splitting them in two makes each less even more impactful, but they wouldn’t want to see it changed and more meaningful research like EMP and Impr Torp added?
It’s weird how much people can admit that there are problems but then not want to see anything changed, especially if HW2 Deathmatch is kept to be like HW2C but with better graphics and steamworks.

We could even probably make HW1DM mode be very similar to the original in a similar way. I’d say even better, with some wonky janky things no longer there, even if it’s not exactly the same.

Personally, I do want to improve on HW2, but not so much that the game becomes and feels unrecognizable from what it is. I’m all about making and trying out simple adjustments and changes at a reasonable and stable pace. It’s the deluge of proposed changes to the base game mechanics that makes me and some others nervous.

I am a moderate progressive when it comes to development of this game. I am not a radical. Keep the working formula and make adjustments over time to find a healthy balance or equilibrium. There is always room for improvement.

I don’t see how reasonable adjustments to poorly though out tech (the game was rushed and only given one little patch, after all), maybe adding some abilities here and there, is “making it unrecognizable”.

You’d have to relearn the game at a high level to figure out what strategies are then best, yes, but it’s not the sort of change going from HW1 to HW2 was. Much less than going from Heart of the Swarm to Legacy of the Void is.

Do you play often? If so, under what name do you play? I’m curious to know if we have ever played against each other.

Nope I don’t. I work ~12 hours a day and don’t have much time for games at the moment.

Understandable, I work 10 hours a day and if I don’t find time for one game in the evening, then I’m mostly gaming on the weekends anyway.