Perdy Lights, what is it?

So, I’m using the patch and a few other mods (most of which are unimportant to this, I’m sure). And I keep stumbling across the perdy lights oz kit.

It’s like a clear skies…but has red text. What’s the special effect?

From what I know, it’s basically a unique Oz kit that was cut from the Holodome dlc, and it’s supposed to create fireworks when you kill an airborne enemy. You can see it a bit in this video by Derch, around the 4 minute mark:

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Oh, okay, so it’s basically like the Scav party weapons. Lol. I wasn’t sure if that was all because I saw someone mention it in an “I hate modders” post in the same breath as “Eddie clones”.

Well, that’s what it was supposed to do at least, but since I don’t play with mods myself, I don’t know if it might have been tweaked in some way or not.

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Ahhh, yeah. I only recently bought the collection, and since I discovered that I didn’t enjoy playing with others in the current state of the situation, I decided I might as well mod it to single player perfection. I couldn’t find any other functionality to the perdy lights, but I was using an Avalanche at the same time and wasn’t sure whether frozen enemies were related to one or the other.

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