Peregrine damage formula?

I’ve been looking around for the damage formula for grenades with the peregrine com but am having surprising difficulty finding anything. Could anyone point me in the direction of such a guide?

Peregrine is just a fancy delivery system for grenades. You can just apply the standard grenade damage formula to it as if you’d chucked the grenade yourself.


Also depending on the grenade, you can factor in megavore crit vlue, whether that’s better than guardian angel shenanigans is beyond me though

Only on the Hunter Seeker, otherwise nades don’t megavor crit (even if they crit naturally) even though their bonus eles can.

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Thank you! I was told peregrine gives your grenade action skill scaling but I guess that person just didn’t know what they were talking about. Why is peregrine so strong with fish slap then btw?

@Prismatic @alsozara @tysonyar instensfies for Derch-level explanation

I know the self-estimated third-grade level explanation, but I am kinda hoping for the graduate level course. Maybe it’s on here already somewhere.

The answer I think is basically Rakks (action skill) plus grenade damage plus melee bonuses plus mayhem scaling plus crit bonuses plus Groundbreaker. I am sure I am missing important elements here, but more or less that’s it.

Plus splash damage!

Keep in mind I don’t really play or understand the build all that well.

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Wait can fish slap crit via Megavore or something?

Rakks crit naturally and via Megavore and through extra elements and that means the Peregrine grenades crit. And I didn’t even mention the rolls on the grenade itself (Sticky, Link, etc.). And then artifact. And infinite grenades. And grenades get the benefit of your weapon and COM. Including COV or Hyperion weapon crit bonuses (Psycho Stabber or Unforgiven, for example - but also the Crit or Hail - meh, I can’t remember whether you can get COV crit for sure).

Again, K-3 level explanation I think. I am kinda like a student barfing up for the final exam. I have never really played the build for myself. So it’s like explaining how to ride a bike, never having done it yourself. I feel sure I am missing some explanations here. :rofl:

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Rakk don’t crit, only bonus eles on them do. Same with grenades sans Hunter Seeker, even the ones that can naturally crit don’t megavor crit.

You just take strong grenades and use Rakk as a homing delivery system. There really isn’t anything more to it than that.


So for stuff that applies to it. I’ll give my understanding atleast. Start with the obvious,

  • grenade damage + splash damage
  • melee , groundbreaker = only fishslap).
  • (150% grenade will apply briefly, I don’t feel it’s worthwhile)
  • matching elemental damage (artifacts, %, and/or scorcher spiderant)
  • V2 damage (skilltree/ victory rush/ OGT anointment)
  • ase elements ,
  • guardian ranks
  • Urad, Terror cryo/ damage + fire rate
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Does that include Re-Volter?

Also I adore your Fl4k guides :heart:

Just to be clear here the rakks and there damage is entirely unrelated to the damage that the grenade does.

The grenade itself in the case of fish slap also doesn’t get grenade damage boosts, and in the case of other grenades wouldn’t get mayhem scaling or melee boosts.

Some clarifications here.

150% grenade damage anoint is v2, it just only applies to grenade damage in a similar fashion to how some v2 is weapon only.

Vic Rush is V1 not v2, as is most of FL4K’s skill tree boosts. Terror Damage and fire rate joins the list of v1 sources.

Now you really want to go down the rabbit hole.

No Revolter can’t, neither can urad.

To quote from Ratore’s testing for The Bonus Element Guide

Grenade/Shield Bonus Elements On Other Damage Sources:

Universally includes: Action Skills, Melee, Slam etc but not FL4K’s pets

  • Each Shield and Grenade bonus element has its own independent chance to crit when hitting a non-weak point.
  • On a weak point hit, all bonus elements will also crit if the main damage source is capable of a crit in the first place. Otherwise, they will roll for their own chance at a proc.
  • Is not currently affected by Mayhem Scaling on the applicable sources. Grenades, however, get the proper values since their base damage scales through the Mayhem Loot level.
  • Effects that are based on the main damage dealt (e.g. White Elephant Stickies, which use the main melee damage dealt for their damage calculation) also work correctly with the Shield/Grenade bonus elements, since the bonus elements will scale from the effect’s base damage.
  • Head Count and Leave No Trace can only proc on crits from the main damage.

URad/Terror Cryo/Revolter Bonus Elements on other damage sources:

Universally includes: Action Skills, Melee, Slam etc but not FL4K’s pets

  • These bonus elements cannot crit independently on non-weak point hits.
  • On a weak point hit, these bonus elements will also crit if the main damage source can crit in the first place.
  • Is affected by Mayhem Scaling on the applicable sources.
  • Head Count and Leave No Trace can only proc on crits from the main damage.

And to clarify applicable sources, that would be anything that mayhem scales itself, so Revolter will get x16 mayhem scaling when applied to Fishslap, but won’t receive any mayhem scaling when applied to say Hunter Seeker or Ghast Call.


That’s interesting. I have never used the build but my assumption would have been that the Peregrine grenades counted as action skill damage, and then got Mayhem scaling or something like that. Thanks for posting what you did, I always learn something from you.


Greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the awesome guides. They’ve been an invaluable resource.