"PERFECT" Build videos and how they are misleading

I’m not a hardcore player, so I don’t always pay much attention to synergies and various effects, I don’t do calculations, I kind of just do what I want. However, the hardcore player base that does focus on those things brings a lot to the forefront I never would have known otherwise, so I find their discoveries interesting, if somewhat mystical and “how-the-hell-did-you-figure-that-out” (eg. facepuncher) when there is no documentation. But fascinating nonetheless.

But there’s problem with much-to-do build videos that are running rampant since the games release claiming that a build is the PERFECT M4 setup that will melt enemies. The first problem is the uploader doesn’t know his or her audience, or hasn’t thought much about the audience. Second, guardian rank.

As I simulate builds with the exact same gear and skill tree to better understand what it is they are claiming, my results are not even remotely close to anything they state. Some builds, as they stand, don’t make it through M3. It wasn’t until i watched a video that someone had a guardian rank of 500+!!! Again,not paying attention to mine, I went back and checked and it was 152! DING DING DING!

So the issue, more-or-less, with every ‘PERFECT MAYHEM 4 BUILD’ is the uploader seems to forget that many people watching their video may not be hardcore or may be new to the series all together. That said, a guardian rank of 500 is going to play considerably differently than a guardian rank of 150, while the former can easily manage M4 the latter will not. Knowing that players may have guardian ranks far higher than 500, will definitely make that M4 mode even more deceiving.

Thirdly, vid uploaders NEVER talk about their guardian rank while demonstrating their build.

So the question then becomes “How effective is that build without any guardian rank”?

I think those that do build videos can better illustrate the effectiveness of what they came up with and how various skills and synergies work by disabling the entirety of guardian rank and playing at the highest mode feasible with the current build. By doing this, you will be including those new to the game or with lower guardian ranks to what level the build design itself is capable of, THEN demonstrating what it can do in higher tiers with higher guardian rank levels.

This alone will remove the mystery behind why “This person” can solo M4 while someone else can’t get past mayhem 2 with the exact same skills and gear.

This wasn’t intended to bash those that make build videos, but to bring to their attention that they are always forgetting the one thing that determines what mayhem level you can manage; guardian rank.

Just like paragon points in Diablo 3 was meant to allow the player to push to higher levels, so does guardian rank.

All that said, if there are build video uploaders that do exactly what I described, feel free to post a link, i would be interested.


I find all build videos to be more guides no matter the game as I find people vary to much look at destiny pvp players as an example the ones that do YouTube not just stream more often than not it suits thier personality and the games they often play are similar in game type eg rarely does a destiny YouTuber have fallout 4 new Vegas or games of that style in thier play lists and vice versa with fallout skyrim and other youtubers very few will have overwatch destiny videos and the like so they clearly have a game play preference be it fast paced or slow and build dependent

The build videos aren’t guide videos, they are different. A guide video would instruct someone on the various tactics and tools used to take down a boss, while the Build videos I’ve seen have been straight up, build this to tear through mayhem 4. There’s no guiding about it, it’s just skill tree and gear, minus the mention of the guardian rank they currently have.

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I think youre reading too much into clickbait and taking it too literal.

Rather than just seeing it as clickbait.


Don’t the Guardian Rank bonuses essentially cap out around 15%? Doesn’t sound like a difference that should make or break a build.


some of the guardian rank abilities are huge all things considered, the points dont matter insanely much but the perks are gamechanging

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When gearbox disabled gaurdian ranks by accident it showed how op some of them where to the point of carrying builds like overkill amara

I think we have different standards on youtubers I have nothing to do with those “stereotypical” youtubers they are all the same and to me worthless notice they almost always have the same music and clips showing how op thier build is they in the end of the day are worthless to me and replacable copyable

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The bonus stats guardian rank provides are fairly incremental, its not going to seriously change how a build plays or its efficacy. What matters much more are that you have the relevant GR perks/skills like Overkill or Shield Reboot (which are actually very important to certain builds like Sniper builds or builds around certain shields). But those aren’t hard to acquire even with 150 GR. 500 GR is overcompensating if you just want to grab the skills- I have about 400 tokens total but only spent around…200? before I got lazy.

I don’t pretend to be able to replicate everything these uploaders can. But even when I don’t have perfect gear, I recognize that’s a problem with my skill or approach, not my guardian rank. 150 or 500 doesn’t make that much of a difference between someone soloing M4 and not even handling M2.

Your Guardian Rank doesn’t determine what level of Mayhem you can handle, your level of skill does. Obviously, having higher bonus stats here and there does help. It doesn’t ‘remove the mystery’ of why some guy can’t beat M2 with the same build and gear while someone else can beat TTD with it, though for me the ‘mystery’ is clear anyway- the latter player was better.

You are correct that many of the people watching the videos are not ‘hardcore’ or new to the series. But maybe, just maybe, all those hours those ‘uploaders’ poured into playing and experimenting didn’t just make their GR fatter, but also made them better and more experienced at the game? Yeah, that definitely sounds like the deal breaker between someone who can beat True Takedown and someone who can’t beat M3, not some guardian rank difference.


Yep. tl:dr practice makes perfect.


There are no perfect builds.


To be fair, it could be argued that M3 can actually be harder than M4, if you get bad modifiers. If the lynchpin of a build is a powerful shotgun, and you get -50% shotgun damage…


Hmmm at this point of this game you’re kinda excpected to have all guardian perk? (And with decrease efficiency, someone that has sinked a lot additionnal point into the stats themselves won’t get much more out of them).

I mean if you still haven’t unlocked all the perks at this point it mean you’ve invested very little time in the game since its release, or have started playing recently and hence, by all mean, are still rather far from the experience and amount of farm required to even speak about perfect build and steamrolling M4.

Don’t complain that a video is misleading for the only reason that a “perfect build” don’t catter to casual player population (and I mean that without any veiled insult and condescending attitude, I’m fairly casual on a lot of game I play, strategy game being one of them, I don’t criticized streamer explaining end game strategy cause I can’t pull them of, or even remotely understand why something that’s ■■■■ at my level is god mod at another)

Been a long time since I ran M3 but I agree getting stacked with negative modifiers (especially the OG bad modifiers) sucked. That was before the shield/grenade ASEs , huge gun powercreep, more skill points and way better loot quality though so that might not be the case anymore lol

Very interesting theme. I would say that a guardian rank with 500 and 150 is a big game changer! And I bring another thought in this: the age and experience with the borderlands universe. I mean the play skills between teenager and people between 20and30 are obvious better,faster and skilled as 40 till …ager! I am 43 and always played the other borderlands games for years but I’m noticing I lost a little bit the “feeling “. Anyway I still enjoy borderlands 3!


This has nothing to do with GR perks, IMO.

Builds are not “perfect.” Players are not “perfect.” I do watch a lot of these types of build videos, but I generally do not use those builds because I enjoy learning about the game and making my own builds.

I work full-time and am a father and husband, so I do not have time to discover all the hidden interactions in this game. So what I DO use from these types of build videos is any morsels of information I can glean on how the card descriptions of skills or weapons are incorrect, interactions I never would have figured out on my own, or news about upcoming changes to the game.

This game has a lot to do in it and a lot of ways to play it, but there is no “perfect” way, and the main problem I see with the OP’s outlook is the general idea that such a thing exists.


I wouldn’t put too much stock in GR perks. I don’t have mine completed yet (still working on getting the last 2 in survival) and I’m on M4 pretty frequently.

Realize that some builds revolve around perks though. Sniper builds for example just don’t work as well without Overkill, which is an absolutely huge skill to get. The perks that let you aim in FFYL and revive with full health and shield are also really good.

My suggestion if you don’t have these yet would be to get to the point in the story where you can farm Graveward or Traunt or any other boss you can kill quickly at that point (maybe there are other bosses that work for this too? Any suggestions from the community) and farm them for exp. I got more than 30 tokens towards GR farming grave for about 3 hours, so if you do a few kills per day over the course of a week intermittent with normal play it will add up quickly.

Yes, a high Guardian Rank would not transform a “bad build” into a “melt build” :grin:

For exemple, ‘Overkill’ is by far more influential than ‘Gun Damage’/‘Critical Damage’ percentages, but it’s accessible pretty much for everybody.

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GearBox literally does it in the whole BL3 story line.


Can streamers host a roast of the Calypsos and the Children of cringe? Where’s Senza on this???

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