Perfect Conference Call

Ok so I’m farming for a conference call and I would like to know what parts I should look for. I’m farming for the next best shotgun after the Interfacer. Pretty much any element will do I just want to know what the best roll is.


The most popular choice is the matching Hyperion grip, Torgue stock and the Practicable prefix which is the fore grip accessory.

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The one that increases the pellet count right?


Hyperion grip is actually bad.
Bandit grip is way higher dps as I’ve proved numerous times.

Also Flakker is best shotgun. Interfacer isn’t close and CC isn’t close to being the next best shotgun to the interfacer.

Basically the hyperion grip lowers base damage and increases accuracy which makes the gun worse, while bandit keeps the base damage.
The Manufacturer bonuses matches the difference with the mag bonus from the bandit grip. Hence the bandit equals to a higher dps since it’s not lowering the base damage.

Yeah but it also lowers the accuracy and pretty much does the opposite of what you want for a Hyperion shotgun. Damage isn’t too much of an issue since I’m after elemental versions. I can use the e-tech relics to boost damage

Also the manufacturer bonus increases reload speed.

As I said the bonus equal to the exact same thing as the bandit mag bonus.

And yes the damage is a huge factor with the CC because it’s lower end dps at op8.

It really depends on your character and build for hyp vs bandit, thedps was really close from what I recall and if you had a lot of reload buffs the bandit would over take the hip but only by a tiny number like 3%.

I main maya for the most part so unless there is a significant difference in dps for an elemental CC my relics and slag will for the most part take care of it. Since you’re making a big point of the dps loss I’m curious as to how much the difference is.

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On Maya the Hyperion grips wins by 6.88% with this build and a legendary siren com.

Blut might of been thinking about the butcher where mag size makes a bigger factor because of the red text effect. So I would stick with hyp grip, but 6.8% is not much so a bandit is not a bad second choice.

You can see the math on the calc there if you want

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No I was accounting for critical only damage based off my “head removal” strategy.

Crits don’t change which has higher DPS, the % difference is still 6.88% in favor of hyperion.

Your link just shows how to use the dps calc and doesn’t contain one.

Now I’m curious because the original math several people including you did showed it was better by a larger margin.
I have to look for it, it was one of the lost things from the old forums I think.

My dps calc says the bandit is better but it’s also for WoW so it could be off.
Works fine 99% of the time.

That was for the butcher, not cc. Also the math is on that link if you go to the maya tabs or comparison tab and look at maya. If you want I can post the formulas here after work if you can’t see the page I linked.

Yeah drop box doesn’t work on thunderbird very well. it crashes every few odd seconds because of the sign in pop ups.
This might have been for my build which doesn’t use any of the team support skills because they go against my morals.

Hard to remember drunken equations from two years ago.

Bandit grip level 50

5463 x 7
61% accuracy
4.3 fire rate and 6.45 after buffs
3.9 reload speed 2.05 after buffs
11 mag 15 after buffs

Hyperion grip level 50

5220 x 7
70% accuracy
4.3 fire rate 6.45 after buffs
2.7 reload speed 1.42 after buffs
10 mag 14 after buffs

Build with legendary siren

Bandit Damage all crit
5463 x (1 + 39% + 18% +30%) x 2 x (1 + 30%) x (1 + 40%) x 7 = 260299

Hyperion Damage all crit
5220 x (1 + 39% + 18% +30%) x 2 x (1 + 30%) x (1 + 40%) x 7 = 248720

Bandit DPS
902792 if all hit and crit

969510 if all hit and crit

Weird. The bl calc I downloaded has grossly different numbers.
Both are in the 700k range

I didn’t add in the unlisted pellets, instead of x7 do a x21

Also this is why you show the math, some of those calves are bad and none do skills.

That’s why I built my own

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The one I have does skills, it’s just adding things in a weird way.
The divisions dps calc is closer but the crits are added differently.
WoW doesn’t account for crits.

I’ve had to many issues with hand done problems, they never come out right even with a perfect algorithm.
I also have to account for the missed projectiles with hyperion weapons.