Perfect gear examples

Could someone point me towards a list of perfect guns.
I am trying to farm a perfect version of every droppable unique in the game. Does such a list exist? I know a few examples myself but by no mean all for them. Failing that could some of the veterans here put forward some ideas?

This is a very good illustrated guide for weapons and explanation of the different parts.

And this is by no means the most comprehensive list of all legendaries, uniques, seraph and pearlescents but its a good start.

And for some its a matter of preference whether its dependent on the character build and play style. At least that’s my opinion. Good luck!

It actually depends on a lot of variants, man. The perfect gun for you might not be perfect for someone else and might not be perfect for every situation. Generally, the sight is irrelevant (except on rocket launchers), while Dahl stock and matching the grip to the manufacturer works really well for most weapons, classes and builds, but there are a lot of exceptions to this rule. Prefix is totally a matter of preference, but the usually prefered ones are damage, fire rate, increased number of pellets and projectile speed, depending on the weapon and your playstyle. Rocket launchers sometimes benefit from magazine size and reload speed as well. Some weapons have setups that will be nearly perfect for everyone, like the Unkempt Harold, for example. A perfect Harold would have the Double Penetrating prefix and all Torgue parts. Your best bet is to check those guides @bruinlad gave you and craft weapons that would be perfect for you.

‘Perfect’ depends largely on preference, your character and build, and what you want to use it for.

That being said, these guides here contain some good thoughts and commonly agreed ‘best’ parts and prefixes:

Perfect pretty much boils down to most of the time Matching grip and dahl stock.
Except with hyperion weapons where it’s bandit grip and the worst stock(torgue/jakobs).

I have a bunch of videos about stocks for every weapon type.

Is that because of reverse recoil with Hyperion… wow I never thought about that. Damn blut you are too good thanks for the help gut and everyone else and thanks for the links as well Dom and bruin.

Anyway, the main problem I have now is determining the best prefix, for the hornet I can’t remember I’d the react or neutralizing prefix was agreed to be better.

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That’s the playlist

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It gets more rounds, gets a ton more damage, and honestly the DPS is much higher on the bandit.