Perfect roll Vow of Vengeance

Can’t post a screenshot at the moment but a few days ago I received my 3rd vow of vengeance from Jailer Hylis with I believe to be a max stat roll. Trying to get confirmation on this.

The roll:
9.80% attack damage
5.60% attack speed
Stack 0.98% attack damage with every melee hit, max 10 stacks

I’ve checked it against max shard cost Blues and epics and I believe these to be the highest possible stat rolls.
Can anyone confirm this? Or anyone have knowledge of highest stat possibilities?

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I cannot confirm beyond saying no gear I have recieved exceeded that. Either way nice drop. I have yet to recieve any legendaries from him sadly…

The gauntlet is all I’ve ever got from him, I also want the leech steel brooch and voxis core, not sure if he drops those also or they are only available from Jennerit packs

He has a chance to drop them I believe. His loot table seems rather large (plenty of friends have seen different things from him). I just have no luck. Algorithm seems to be my go to legendary spot. I’ve recieved 6 distinct legendaries from there.

Lucky you got the gauntlet, thats what i’ve been farming for with no luck :. I can confirm that Jailer does drop the Leechsteel Brooch though. Got it twice already

Ok cool I’ll have to keep trying, I know people have gotten voxis core from Jennerit packs so I’m not sure about that one.
I’ve only received firmware update from Geoff the other 2 bosses are stingy AF in algorithm.
Supposedly there’s around 84 legendaries including the lore ones. (Speculation can’t confirm)
I’m a gear junkie I love collecting rare items lol

Well I can confirm there are over 30, as that is how many unique ones I have including Lore ones.

Nice that’s a good amount I’ve only got around 20 or so in about the 100 hours I’ve played so far.
I’m kinda confused on whether all the bosses can drop any legendary plus there specific ones or how that works

There are every max/min stat for each Major and Minor stats… so yes your Vow of Vengeance get the max stats

Any tips on how to get it? Advanced? Hardcore? Both?

You know I am starting to hate people posting these because it always forces the browser to redirect straight to it and it’s annoying.

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I always farm regular normal pub missions, quick and painless. I’ve had no luck in advanced or hardcore

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hey hey hey i got him to drop one with the exact same stats yesterday

Congrats you’re in the perfect roll club @AOS
J/k but jokes aside the gauntlet is one of the few I justify spending 1800 shards on, it’s that good for melee

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Just put down a link instead.

I still don’t know how it works. Is it 10 stacks only effective against the same target? Is it 10 stacks on yourself for 10 hits? How long do the stacks last?

holy cap at first i was confused but the more i come back to this thread the more i want to punch my self :stuck_out_tongue:

from my use of it the stacks dont wear off and they are on you so everything you do gets the get more in detail i got it 6 minutes in a mission i died once to see if it took the bonus away it didnt and compared to what my numbers were with out it even at the end it was still giveing me the bonus

Each successful melee hit on a target increases your attack damage up to 10 hits, then your damage is permanently increased for a still indefinite amount of time.

I need to do a little more testing as far as if/when stacks wear off, but with max stacks it gives you effectively 19.6% extra attack damage (max stat roll) with other gear you can get close to almost 30% extra attack damage, it’s insane on Rath

I’ve gotten this twice now. Second time were those stats. So I can’t confirm higher stats available