Perfection Shall be Achieved - A Deande montage

Forward I go. Forever.

Perfection shall be achieved.

This is my latest montage. I think it’s my best work. Look at how far my editing and Deande skills have come since the first one.

I’d like to thank my fam, @vagrantsun, @blainebrossart1, and @Garrus_Sniper for being the badasses on my team in 95% of these clips.

And i’d like to thank Fenix (@Phoenix-2613) for your emotional support, your help in the DHC, and for just being the most amazing Deande companion i could ever have asked for.

PS. if any of you see yourself in the montage on the dead side then I’m afraid to say you need to git gud.


It needs more Deande. :wink:


■■■■. let me just make the half hour long one for ya real quick.


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I’d be okay with that.


Nice video, Nemo; i’m glad that our skirmishes are scarce. Shudders.

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This game looks fun in North America lol.

But for real that was pretty sick - love from a scrubby deande wannabe.

Awesome job :slight_smile:


@Nemosis327 I thought I was the only one who had ever heard this song before, lol you seen the music video for it?

EDIT: I am also really happy to see that combo of me on Pendles and you on Deande got in on the montage, that was a hilarious time.

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Forever the hardest character main on any platform.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what it feels like to be the one in the helicopter when Ride of the Valkyries starts playing.


You’ve done me proud Nemo. I don’t care what they say, your parents were wrong about you.


Beautiful stuff Nemo!

Gotta admit though burst dashing through walls is pretty busted :joy::joy:

The drop kick-ults were sexy, didn’t know that was a thing!

2 major things to criticise here:

  1. not enough ground zero kills, but clearly you enjoy using the less superior option and make it look useful, so well done :slightly_smiling_face:

  2. needed more WUB-WUB

That’s all


my parents told me i was destined to do something useful. i now spend my life playing Deande. this is wurf.


i was actually contemplating throwing a few GZ clips in there for lelz.

yes. i have a clip of everything but a Deand penta ash. ffs

flips over table and leaves

trade secret. only been phoenix and i using it as far as i know. use with caution, it can screw you sometimes. or it can give you an amazing edge if you know what you are doing.

i get a penetration kill maybe once every two weeks. it’s more useful for destroying buildables/deployables through terrain.


Very nice, the work you put into it paid off. Still sorry that I’ve accidentially stolen a song for my montage you intended to use.

I’ve reverse engineered how this works when I saw you doing it in “Set My Heart Afire” (took some Dojo runs until I found out that drop kick is the secret to it). Only could use it once or twice safely and I think everyone blamed it on me lagging for a bit that a blink storm teleported right into their face.

That title goes to me. I went through the pain a red bar Deande is and only playing her under these circumstances and even being remotely useful is an achievement by itself.

I don’t even need red bar to suck badly on some days. I call myself a Deande main, I had the audacity to create a montage that makes me look somewhat skilled, but in truth, I disappoint my team quite heavily in every second game I play. Add a little bit of input lag on top of it (which happens very often, when there is a lot of NA players in the lobby and we seemingly get put on US servers then) and what others call my “carry character” is in reality nothing but an XP Piñata for the enemy team.

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forgot to respond earlier lel

monody was intended for a kinda finale montage on this whole Deande thing that has so enveloped my life. but i think i found something better.

well @Phoenix-2613 , i dunno if this was actually supposed to be a trade secret like triple jump and all those other things that id rather not mention to be a total troll, but i guess the secret is out. at least our research, development and dedication is helping other Deande players get called out for hacking and cheating and being overall better than their opponents. i guess that’s wurf in the DHC’s books


My proudest moment still was being called out for cheating in a Meltdown Bots Battle match when I had a K/D of something like 20-0 and was the only one who went positive in this match. This situation was just too absurd to be true. :smiley:

I honestly don’t want to call myself better. I know the basics and I can play a good game (sometimes even against multiple counters) if I’m concentrated enough and my team works with me and not against me. After our session today, I’ve finally seen everyone on Deande, who always complain about me sucking at this game - best of all, against a pretty random team with no hard counters and almost no CC - and I finally have some evidence that they should just shut up instead of trying to tell me how to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

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you’re doing me solid. let the salt flow through them


I guess it was destined to surface sooner or later as people figure these things out. Kinda like that other Deande we saw on multiple occasions. You know the one I mean. I honestly don’t mind though. We still have plenty of other, more closely guarded, DHC secrets anyway. :wink:


No… You don’t mean…

They know too much already. We need a lockdown of all communications to and from the DHC. Board meeting at HQ to discuss our next move. Meet in the trampoline gym…

Bring mountain dew



I want to bounce…

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“Flightless. Damned. Bird.”

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