Performance and visual issues on PS4 Pro

So I am noticing again after updating the new version for borderlands 3 that there are visual and performance issue when playing on PS4 Pro under ‘Resolution Mode’. I cannot differentiate at all between resolution which has to make image more clear and look more 4k UHD reosolution and compare with performance which runs on 1080p 60fps. There is no remarkable differences between resolution and performance mode. So I would like to request if there could be another update on PS4 Pro for image clarity and get the best resolution we could get on PS4 Pro. And the other issue is on ‘resolution mode’ there is a lot of frame drops during intense action scenes and as well on cut scenes on PS4 Pro. Why is this hasn’t been fixed yet? Please fix the resolution and improve image quality to 4k and stable frame rate at 30fps as game developer stated when they announced the game.


I second all this. A locked 30fps on resolution mode, and a locked 60fps on performance mode must be possible. To me, right now, lack of attaining these performances comes down to bad optimalisation.

Also, streaming of textures and accessing menu, map, inventory, checking vendors and all that… It’s just not good enough and requires urgent attention.


This make me sad to play this Game. I buy my new Ps4 pro and Borderlands 3 runs 20% of the Game with 60fps in performance mode.
PC have get a performance update. :confused: and Ps4 not. :frowning:

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I imagine they’re already working on it as one of the primary complaints online has been about performance on consoles. Optimising systems can take time though and I’d rather they spend enough time to do it right than release a broken update in an attempt to fix it. It feels like the UI system alone needs a massive re-work!