Performance discussion

I think everyone has noticed that performance seems a bit iffy with certain people saying that controls seem stiff and framerate dips even though the game is aiming for a steady 30 fps.

Discuss your issues with the way the game runs.

I hope Gearbox is paying attention to these complains and won’t stay silent on the issue. Even better, i hope to see a similar patch that was done for the handsome collection that vastly improved performance. Since by the company’s own admission the gaming is running on an upgraded version of the same engine(that being modified UE3) we can only speculate if similar patches can be delivered for Battleborn.
I really do want to stress that first point. Don’t keep us in the dark on this Gearbox.

Would you please elaborate on this part?

Because I increased the sensitivity for the look (options-> Controller-> Sensitivity for X and Sensitivity Y axis), and then the aim worked better to me. Otherwise, all the aim assists in the “Gameplay” options can be adjusted too.

Hi! Was testing out the beta with my partner in split screen too and can confirm that there is some frame rate drop. Also control reactions seem somewhat sluggish.

We both have played the handsome collection very extensively so there is a felt difference in the controls and framerate in the game and hopefully gearbox can do something to improve playability!

I have faith in them as they actually even released updates for the handsome collection 1 year after release