Performance even worse after winter patch (gtx 970, i5 4690k)

Wanted to see if the patch made any improvements to optimisation and surprise surprise it didn’t. If I used to get fps drops from 110 to 35-40 before patch, I’m now getting drops from 100 to 15 which is pretty much unplayable. Well done Gearbox!

For some reason I’m getting constant frame rate drops in the command menus, now. Capped at 60, dropping to 10-20 whenever I try to open any Battleborn specific page. It rises back up to 60 and stays there until I try to view another battleborn page. Weird and also kind of annoying.

WIN10, GTX 980, i5 4570

Idk but the Ps4 gameplay feels alot smoother and better I thought it’d be the same for PC but it’s not? Lol that’s weird


I just lag for like a second or two when selecting options from the menu

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It’s for a few seconds, 5-10, but it’s very irritating since the drops are so drastic.

There are also drops to 40-50 when using the command menu in general, which isn’t as noticeable but? Sadface.

Hmm, that’s weird. My friend has the same GPU and CPU, his framerate is completely steady.

I have exactly the same specs. But I didn’t notice any improvements or worse performance. But the Battleborn tab is choppy. And there is noticeable lag when you have to pick a battleborn before the match (I still hate that new look and functionality there).

I’ve wondered for a while if some of the performance problems might be related to multiple monitor setups and/or win10. Annoying thing is that these performance problems are not universal and are connected to some specific stuff on specific hardware/software setups so tracking them down and fixing them is very difficult.

But I know that I don’t have such problems with other games so it’s a combination of Battleborn and something else.

Incidentally, I use double monitors myself, but I only use one screen for the game. Never really had any major issues, other than the occasional PvP match that gets too overloaded and drags. Very rarely happens.

And yeah, unfortunately some games just never work with certain set ups. Some games are more prone to random issues more than others. Computers are funny like that.

And this I why I stopped playing games on PC except Games with mods like GTA.

Well I mean, at least I can play Witcher 3 at stable 60FPS 1080p Ultra settings. And mods. Worth it :slight_smile: