Performance Issue Patches or Focus

I’ve been looking around, probably not hard enough haha, but I’ve been wondering is there a focus for the devs on fixing performance issues, mainly low frame rate? I saw a few performance issues fixed in the battleplan, but nothing that resolved my issue. I have decently severe frame rate problems, averaging at 30, but dropping in low 20’s and teens with a lot of commotion on the screen. Its quite annoying. And I should be able to run the game just fine or so I think I so. My system includes, FX-6300 and R9-270X. If there are any suggestion to fix my problem that be great too.

I’d just like to be informed if there is any focus on fixing these issues as I have seen a few other similar problems as well.

Don’t be too hard on me. :slight_smile:

Hi mate.

I have the 8350 overclocked to 5.0ghz and the r9 290x and despite the slight difference in hardware, i have exactly the same performance problems.

Usually its the amd processors that let us down but i believe its a combination of the two this time around. Essentially, it boils down to the fact that throughout development, I’m guessing that their focus has beem on intel/nvidia as although some folks with that hardware are having issues, it appears all with amd are having it.

Often is the case that pc gamers don’t know how to get the best out of their machines, ie driver updates snd windows tweeks, and so i think that those who have this issue with good intel/nvidia machines are probably running off their intel grsphics chip,or their cores are parked etc. With amd however, it matters not! The game simply isn’t optimised properly for it. They’d be in trouble of they admitted it because the specs on the box would therefore be misinformative (although I’m probably wrong about that, so don’t take it literally).

I’m going to pursue a refund while i still can and go back to playing paragon (which funnily enough runs perfect with maxed graphics) and accept that battleborn isn’t going to work properly.

Something to note is that my hardware throttles and the game runs great in any scenario other than an actual game, such as main menu and lobbies. Can you confirm whether or not your fans go crazy in the main menu, but not in the game? I’ve seen that it does happen through rivatuner but would be interesting to know if you’ve noticed that.

Yeah, no my fans never go haywire in the game. I’m probably gonna try for a refund now also.

And… I won’t be getting a refund. As of right now I am very disappointed with BattleBorn.

I checked rivatuner for why the fans go wild in mainmenu/lobbies. The gpu goes up to its maximum clock speed (1000mhz) but never exceeds 700mhz in game lol.

Wonder if its to do with ue3? Its just that killing floor 2 does a very similar thing, apart from the fact that that game runs sweet. Maps are smaller in that game though, so there are some obvious reasons for that, but like I say, regarding the main menu vs the game itself, both battleborn and kf2 have the same thing goin on.

Ram usage is fine. Barely goes beyond 3.5gb.

Game only uses two cores, and with AMD processors being known for crap single core performance, it isn’t too surprising that this is one of the things contributing to bad performance.

An update would be nice, but i haven’t found anything whete the developers say ‘hey we know about the problem - and we’re gonna fix dat ■■■■’… of you are aware of any threads where they’ve said that, please link. I don’t care about how long it takes. It’d just be nice to know something is being done about it.

Sorry to say, but I’ve only heard the Gearbox has said absolutely nothing about this issue. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are straight up ignoring it.