Performance Issues, not present during Open Beta

Well that’s pretty much it, i had no problems playing everything at steady 60 fps during open beta but unfortunately now in the full version it seems that i’m plagued with performance issues, even turning off everything and running everything on low i seem not to be able to have steady fps, it wildly varies from 60 fps down to 20 and sometimes lower.
I even rolled my drivers back to the version i was running during beta no no avail, nothing changed on my end other than the drivers ( AMD btw ) and i rolled them back.
It seems performance always dip in the same spots/areas and minion/character number seem to change the fps counter, it’s mostly in certain areas and when certain effects trigger ( the near Accelerators ).

Am i the only one who had serious performance deterioration when compared to open beta ?

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I have the exact same problem, great during beta but crappy now ( I also use AMD)

I only saw the very beginning of the tutorial, but did notice right away that the spider bot and the glory tower thing just after you make the first jump were causing significant framer ate drops (based on dramatic changes to mouse turning speed, didn’t have an fps meter up).

I have this problem also.

AMD user.
Some maps, i can barely play… Everything is on low, effects turned off.

Thats weird, I was able to play on mid-high during OBT :confused:

I’d advise people to submit support tickets here:

Well seems its just not me then, which is a pity. This along with the crashes is making the game unplayable :frowning:
Gonna submit a ticket and hope for the best.

Hey, im having the exact same problem. Open beta ran flawlessly with no hiccups and a steady fps, always above 60. Now, I would call this borderline unplayable. The fps is so low, and the input lag is so high. I move my mouse, and a good second later my view moves. I noticed however, that when I stare at the ground or the sky, basically where no visual effects are being rendered, I can run fine, and the input lag drops back to normal levels. I have an AMD R9 280x. I should probably mention, that my friend with a GTX 750ti can run this fine on med-high settings, achieving a steady 60fps, while I struggle to barely get 30 on my 280x. I think this might be an AMD problem, considering that this game as nvidia phsyx, so it was probably made with nvidia in mind.

Yes it is definitely some change they made that broke AMD support, Steam foruns are lit up with similar threads, seems its a widespread problem.

Personally I bought the deluxe version off of playing the BB Beta where I played to level 30 via PvP,and had a huge blast.

Playing the Beta I had all my settings to max and rarely dropped below 70-80fps even in heavy battle.
Also playing borderless windowed.

Compare that to the Final release 35-40 fps.
Borderless windowed.

I tried to use Fullscreen to help but gettings microstuttering and no appreciable gain in FPS.

Also had to turn down most of the setting some of them to off to even make it playable.

Overall pvp this final release i’m getting serious eye fatigue,nausea and the battles are very confusing and cluttered to the eye.

I really don’t know what gearbox did between the Beta and Final but this release is bordering on unplayable for me for any length of time.

I’m using Intel and NVidia so its not just you AMD peeps getting terrible performance,hope this helps.

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in my case the game is not using gpu’s full power only runs at 25-40% and im getting only around 40fps…doesnt matter if its hi or low settings,1080p or 1440. im runing i7 5820k and gtx 980ti and its a shame i cant play the game properly hopefully they’l fix it soon :frowning: