Performance Options?

Just wondering if there’s any more info on this? I saw that the Pro is getting options, is this gonna be a console exclusive with no options for the X?

Please no console war talk. We all just want to game and have fun with BL3 so I’m curious :slight_smile:

What exactly do you mean by options? I haven’t seen or heard anything about exclusives on console - both MS and Sony are accepting pre-orders through their respective stores.

I saw that PS4 Pro will have performance options. 4K/30FPS or 1080p/60FPS as well as some other HDR options. I’m just curious because it was titled as that with no mention of Xbox One X.

A quick search threw this up:

That was from May 1st - there may be more up-to-date info available from the MS Store.

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Thanks! I’m hoping the FoV sliders will be on console as well since it’s on all the other games. Appreciate it!