Performance Patch?

I got an 1080TI and i9-9900k. I have to put settings on Medium/High to get a stable 90~FPS on a 144 hz monitor… but it still drops below 60… A L O T! Is there any word on a patch that will increase performance or are the Devs silent on this matter?


Yep, half the PC players seem to have this issue, including myself. Would be nice to hear from a dev or someone about a pathird or hotfix.


So there is no word from the devs about a patch or update?

I 100% Agree…this is so sad…I was SO unbelievable excited to play the game, and it has really bad frame rate drops, especially when aiming down a scope. I have literally been checking for a patch every couple of hours for about 4 days now…no word from Gearbox


try latest nvidia drivers (new one today)
and try direct x 12 version (some dude said it helped his fps with insane rig)

The Dx 12 gives me less fps and it crashed 3x in an hour… New driver? it says the newest for me is still 436.30 which released a week ago or so?

THey have talked about it. Im thinking they might have been taking the weekend off.
either that, or they were searching for the problem.
They are talking about it now.

Does your GPU even support DX12 ? IF you are not getting more FPS in DX12 it also means your are CPU starved. This wasn’t my case as I have a 16 cores / 32 threads processor. Most of my core was sitting idle.

DX12 is essentially unplayable for a lot of people. The game won’t even boot.

First you need a GPU that supports DX12. 2nd, you need to be on latest Windows 10 update. 3rd, you have to be patient during the initial load time. depending on your pc specs, it could be more than 5 minutes. The gain will be significant if you have a CPU that has high amount of cores/threads. If your CPU is already starved in DX11, DX12 won’t help you. This is for people who has higher end rig like mine.

Running a similar rig to the guy in the OP. Definitely supports DX12.

Game still hangs on the initial loading screen.

Yeah where is this “New driver” from “Today”. I searched their website and there is no beta driver out yet and 436.30 is still the newest one from Sept. 10th

Yeah ofcourse… 1080TI GPU and an I9-9900K CPU… I should get 150 FPS easily on DX 11 or 12… it is just not optimzed sadly… Heard they are working on a patch so hopefully it will be out soon!

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You are not waiting long enough.

He is right… took like a full minute to start (if not longer)

To me it varies between 5 to 8 minutes to launch with DX12.

Running on a gtx 970 - i5 6600k 16 gb ram; so not quite a high end rig but on performance level I noticed my fps is more stable ( almost 60 fps all the time , playing on 1080p of course :stuck_out_tongue: ) with a mix of medium / ultra

Took the settings from this video guide ( overvieuw at 15 minutes)

I do still have some drops but very occasionally ( and always when entering a new area ) but my guess is that the game is loading something because in combat my fps doesn’t drop at all ( or maybe for a second by 5 fps at most ) .

Hopefully things will get better for you guys and maybe take a look at the video it might help a little.

6-8 min? Dafuq?! That is insane… and Yeah I would probably get a stable 60 fps but I have 144hz and would like to use it since on this game it should be easy to obtain =/

5-8 mins?? it only takes me 30 seconds or so to boot into the menu in directX12

@Ticklemerifle good lord, that fast? I’m running dual vega 64s, 24gb ram, a monster of a processor, everything is overclocked and liquid/peltier hybrid cooled below room temperature (even the ram and SSDs) and it’s still a 5 minute load. I wonder if theres something special about your system that it’s not having the dx12 caching issue that’s leading to the load times. I bet comparing your build and os version and drivers and such to others who are having this issue would allow them to fix this bug for everyone else.

Granted the game is butter smooth when it finally loads dx12, until they activate mGPU on dx12 I’ll probably stick to running it on dx11. Running it in crossfire keeps me around 60% or less utilization so my power usage is super low overall.

1080ti here and I’ve resorted to a windowed 1920x1080 and it still cant hold 60fps, normally running at 2560x1440. Tonight was especially bad, maybe there’s some backed hotfixing going on. The inventory/skill screen was damn near unuseable, especially during a boss fight.

We shouldnt have to wait long for some kind of update, BL2 got quite a few in the first few weeks after launch.