Performance problems, FPS never higher than 34~40, single digit performance in menus

Decided to instal TPS today, but no matter which settings are used, the FPS never goes above the stated numbers. VSync does nothing, changing the option right below does nothing, editing the files by hand does nothing either.

Since it is supposed to run on the same engine as Borderlands 2, I like to clarify that that game can easily hit over 100, with some dips to 60 depending on the map, and averaging at 90.

Are you using Fast Startup? I found that this would, sometimes, cause these games to load in a way where they would run like this… like the video card drivers don’t play well with the hibernation request from Windows. A soft restart would clear this failure mode up for me though.

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I’ll give it a try, thank you for bringing this up. Didn’t even realise it was an option on Windows 10.

While TPS is stil not hitting 60 at minimum, it did make things more stable in both that game, and 2.

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