Perhaps not the right place, but I need thoughts on a Graphics card to run this better

I figured this made sense here but I admit it’s not necessarily on topic.

I watched the demo today and I’m stoked. But I realize this game is gonna have a LOT of moving parts.

The short form: I got an EVGA Nvidia with 4gb of VRAM in January. It CRUSHED IT on BL 2. Love it. But I ran a slightly more modern and graphics intense game today and saw that at High quality it was pushing into the 4gb territory.

I wanna know if I should just bump up to six, or jump for eight gigs to enjoy BL3. And if anyone has any objective advice, that’d be cool too. Cost is a big thing. But I wanna be able to enjoy this game.

Oh, and my tv/monitor is only 1080 and I have no intention of 4k.

Annnnnnnnnndd open.

You wont need to focus on amount of v-ram so much for 1080p, however you might want to look into getting a better processing power on the gpu core.

EDIT: you may also want to wait for confirmation on recommended specs first as well.

Well. I am working off the concept of comparing how this game looks in the demos to how Agents Of Mayhem handles on my pc.

What would be better processing power, and how would I be able to compare? Is an NVIDIA 1660 a vast improvement over the 1050?

Here is a chart fot those two cards, however you can also put in any combo of cards to compare the performance differences.

EDIT: that was with the 1660ti my bad, but you can still get an idea and mess around with it

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Thank you. Holy skags my card tanks in comparison. What? I mean. I knew it wasn’t top line, but wow.

Performance-wise the 1660ti is roughly in 1070ti territory (which is a $500 card), so yeah it’s a few steps up from the 1050.

Anyway, system requirements are hard to predict. BL2/TPS for example (not sure about BL1) had a massive CPU bottleneck which made its benchmark results very different to those of other games. BL3 runs on a newer engine and I hope it’ll be better optimised, but there’s no way of telling now really.

So personally, I’d probably save some money just in case, try it on release, and wait for the first benchmarks which should come soon after release. More new GPU releases/price drops may happen until then too.

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So. This was just made more confusing by the fact that I just learned that the game I’m using as a test subject (Agents of Mayhem, the newest game I own, which didn’t run on integrated graphics, so made me get the graphics card, then I decided I didn’t like it much) is a Graphics nightmare? With loads of NVIDIA proprietary effects that don’t even run (well) on AMD cards.

I think I remember Randy mentioning that this time, they’re in league with AMD. Is there any reason to believe that an AMD card would perform better just on “well. They wrote the shaders we used” logic?

I’m just trying to make sure that I get to see all the lovely fire and explosions, because this may be the only game I’m gonna play, but I’m gonna play it a lot :joy:

frame rate might be slightly higher on amd, however I believe they are more of an open source with coding and so should not have much of an issue using Nvidia. I doubt much will look different between the two brands when it comes to looking at screen shots.

When I was browsing around yesterday, I could have sworn I saw some specs listed on BestBuy for the game, but all that information has since disappeared. If I was on PC, though, I’d probably take a cue for BL3 from the minimum system specs for the updated Steam version of the Handsome Collection:

So, something better than that.

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Okay, cool. I just compared the 1660 (which is what caught my eye because I’m a child and the MSI 1660 has rgb lighting) with the recommended minimum of “gtx 780” (btw. This number system is useless? Like. Wut?)

And it’s better

Agreed, that looks like a good starting point.

Also a couple of the streamers I watched mentioned that they assumed the PCs they were playing on were about mid-tier (given the sheer number of PCs at the event) and they mentioned feeling like it was about 60fps under normal circumstances while playing. And there’s still several more months to go for further optimizations etc.

That’s a 6 years old card. The first number indicates their generation. After 7xx came 8xx, then 9xx, then 10xx, then 20xx, and now the new 1660 as a mid-range product between 10xx and 20xx.

the second number is the level within a generation, so from entry to top level it’s 50, 60, 70, 80. Some have a “Ti” which is a more powerful version.

Oh so it’s like xerox copy machines. Lol.

This 1660 is looking like a good choice! I’m stoked.

I bought a 1660ti earlier this year and am very happy with it, good card with great value. Still we don’t know yet what GPUs BL3 will run best on.

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What I’ve been doing is checking specs for AAA games released last and this year, to see if I find a sudden spike in requirements.

That said, I have an HP Envy Desktop with an i7 quad core and 16 gb ram that is bought myself for Christmas in 2017. So, I gotta bump up the power supply, but I think it’s gonna be cool to get the 1660 (or ti if I can find one). It’ll at least keep me out of fomo territory. Just so stoked to be able to spill oil then watch the whole thing light up.

Edit: is the ti gonna be worth the extra 60 bucks?

I don’t know, haven’t followed any reviews or benchmarks since my purchase (the 1660 came out after the Ti)

In case anyone was invested in this, I managed to pop AoM up to playable and beautiful visuals. So. I’m probably gonna go up to the 1660 and call it a night and day. Turns out the big issue with AoM was all those NVIDIA written effects. Which…makes minimal sense to me, with my NVIDIA card, but I do have a pretty low budget solution (it was the only card that wouldn’t require a new power supply)

Gamers Nexus is an excellent source for gaming related hardware reviews:

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One very good reason to wait until later to buy a new graphics card is that AMD has announced their next gen cards (Navi) will be released in 3rd quarter 2019. We don’t know anything about what the performance level of these cards will be, or what price point will be targeted first, or how available they’ll be at launch, but if it were me I’d wait until the reviews of these new cards were available before I decided.

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I appreciate that insight, but, I’m not immensely digging how difficult it is for me to search through and find AMD cards, because I somehow, probably through search algorithms and implicit bias, find NVIDIA’s stuff easier to navigate through in searches. I’ve found a card that trounces my current card, at a solid price point.

Also. I’m immensely just…I don’t wanna say paranoid. But anxious. When it comes to this stuff. I did manage to tame that game I was using as a test subject, but it (according to it’s in menu VRAM indicator) was pushing the upper 3gb, and I just wanna make sure I don’t burn out my stuff on a game, because I bought this computer mostly for music stuff.

But I’m so so so glad y’all are giving me such good and helpful input here!