Perk glitch oscar mike

When I was play mIke I noticed that his AR starts with 30 rounds. But when you take the double tap perk which gives you +15 round he still only has 30 rounds not 45. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just my game.

I think the perk you are on about is the one where it makes the rest of your mag (the other 15) count as tactical rounds.

It’s not a glitch/bug.

Oscar Mike has 30 rounds, the first 15 of which do more damage (so it’s best to reload often early on). They are called Tactical Rounds.

[QUOTE]Tactical Rounds
Oscar Mike’s Assault Rifle is loaded with tactical rounds. The first 15 rounds in each magazine deal additional damage.[/QUOTE]

This is the doubletap perk:

Doubles the number of Tactical Rounds in each magazine. +15 Tactical Rounds[/QUOTE]

So it increases the Tactical Rounds from 15 to 30 ie making the full clip of 30 rounds into Tactical ones. It doesn’t increase the clip size.


If you want extra ammo use whiskey fox ult

I just misread it then I saw it at 2:30 in the morning so was not totally awake then