Perks for playing TVHM?

Hey, was wondering, are there any perks for completing TVHM besides the difficulty & higher dropchance?
I remember Randy saying, that we would “miss out”, if we decide to stay in normal mode, but I fail to see anything.
There are not even new cosmetics (wasted opportunity imo). I’m playing 3 characters at lvl 50 and have a hard time motivating myself to go throu the story again (hello cutscenes). Is there some light at the end of the tunnel?

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First of all enemies have different attacks and spawns are different.

Secondly elemental matching is more rewarding.

Thirdly when Uvhm hits U can advance into it right away.

So no new perks then? Sure, different enemies, some mechanic changes… besides that?


Want to elaborate?
What I’m getting at is, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to complete tvhm after normal mode. This sounds harsh, I’m aware of that. But you didn’t exactly disprove my point by saying “wow”.

It depends. If you’re on console and the mayhem ranks are not available in TVHM, you can gear up in Mayhem normal.

If you’re on PC, you can choose Mayhem ranks when you get to Sanctuary. So I suggest choosing a mayhem level and doing some side quests in normal till you’re 50. Then when you play through TVHM, all the quest rewards will be level 50.

True, lvl 50 quest rewards are nice. If these are great alternatives to legendaries is a whole other story. You can also get most sidequest rewards at lvl 50 if you decide to rush normal mode and do sidequests with mayhem active. Some rewards like “Cloud Kill” or “Leech” can not be obtained in normal for lvl 50 tho, sure.

I’m not asking for much, just realized playing my second character throu tvhm, that it’s kinda sad to get those already unlocked cosmetics again. I don’t need to have a completely different gaming experience, just a little incentive to make me excited playing the story again. Imagine story quests giving you completely new skins or anointed quest rewards? Or slight changes in the story, eastereggs and so on.