Perks of Advanced Difficulty?

Does anyone know about what the perks are of running Advanced difficulty?

I really like running this kind of PvE honestly, but I’m trying to weigh if its worth it to keep running Advanced to farm legendaries?

i believe they do have a higher drop rate but im not 100% on it

Increased drop rate/better loot, more exp, and more credits. I honestly find it much easier to grind normal playthroughs because it’s easier (duh lol) and quicker to run through = more loot. I find advanced difficulty isn’t worth the extra incentives as they are, but that’s just my opinion. I’d rather have fun playing 3-4 pve missions and getting decent loot than be pulling my hair out trying to survive 1-2 advanced and/or hardcore pve missions for a slightly better chance of better quality loot and the extra credit and exp

Oh haha, thanks for the quick response. I honestly don’t mind the difficulty, its actually really fun when you have a fun team that basically tries to do everything they can to cooperate with one another.

Well, all I can say to that is if you’re having fun then keep doing whatever you’re doing! Advanced will get you better quality loot in theory, although my only legendary drop was on normal, and I might only get one or two more purples/epics in advanced if I’m super lucky. I would have to check, but I’m not sure how much extra exp and credits you get. But, yeah, if you’re enjoying advanced then just keep playing it.

It’s worth in some Stuff. U get more Exp & Credits. The Loots having a higher Chance to drop, but Legendarys are sti rare, no matter what Mode. Legi drops depends on luck, not on the difficults of the Levels.

lvl 100 with gold on all adv hc missions here.
I played a lot of missions and while it’s all statistics and you may not notice it,Advanced and hardcore have wau better odd to give a legendary.
You understand that during your hc adv run,when you get 3 legendary on 5 missions in one evening.
(It was lucky yes,but playing in adv and hc drastcally increased my legendary drop odd,40 legendary here,over about 180 missions played.

TL;DR: Advanced and Hardcore up the drop of legendary.

Yeah until someone shows me solid evidence (=datamined tables or dev confirmation) that and how much higher difficulties increase drop rates I don’t believe it. None of my experiences farming missions point in that direction, at 250 missions played across all 4 settings.

My thoughts too, normal hardcore is the most efficient

Where did you learn that you do get better loot and drop rate on Advanced? I’ve yet to find any official confirmation on it.

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Honestly can’t remember. I’ll look for official statements to confirm

Is @mentalmars official enough?

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There is none. Even though the legendaries are good, they’re not mandatory. All advanced is more durping and hurping for slightly better chances at getting higher quality loot

Why would you think showing a screenshot from a fan site would be anywhere near official?? And it’s even wrong information, bosses do not grant you rare packs, and for challenges the chance is tiny.

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I think it comes from people’s expectations that higher difficulty means better loot. Not my experience though, all my legendaries came from regular normal pub story runs. 13 legendaries across around 120 missions

it was mentioned in an interview before the game’s release. i remember asking 2k about the boss loot drops because one person said bosses do drop specific legendary gear while the other guy said something different. The thing 2K told me was that bosses would drop special gear packs with a higher chance of dropping a (specific) legendary because loot is always random. Maybe you can see some traces of that in the command gear packs.

But things change during the course of development.

Sometimes i do look back at old content on my site and see if it needs an update (i failed with this specific page), but as my time is limited i can only do so much. Also i want to provide you guys with new content. All of this is done in my spare time, i do have a full time job as a baker and my wife&son also want to see me.


Fair enough! Whether or not advanced offered better loot drops, I don’t know for sure. The general consensus around the forum seems to be “yes” and reference that with snippets from interviews with GBX devs. There’s not much in depth information about this kind of stuff that I could find on either the official Battleborn site or the 2K website, so I checked your page and the BB wiki to see what came up - big fan btw, your website has been my BB bible for the last two months or so - and it seemed to confirm what everyone else has said in that advanced and hardcore increase the quality and drop rate of gear.


Allow me to insist,155 missions completed,30+ Legendary,most of them were on advanced or advanced hc.
Been playing with friends,they are in the same case. But you do need a good team to farm it. Then it’s legendary showa.

Plus,this game borrows a lot to Borderlands and that is how it works in BL.
To me,hc and adv up the droprate,and not just a bit,you just need to play a lot and pay attention to notice a difference in statistics. Not everyone do that sadly.

Hey man, I think you’re doing a great job with the site and I’m in no way saying that you’re obligated to keep all information up to date all the time, I mean it’s a fan project right? Just that because of that, people shouldn’t take it as official information, I mean even the official site has some outdated information so there’s that.