Perks of leveling character rank?

I know increasing character rank gives mutations to the helix and various skins, but are there any other perks that come from it? mutations are 100% worth it but I’m wondering what else comes with it

In addition to the Helix Mutations and Skins you’ve mentioned, Character Rank also provides Titles and Taunts. At a glance, this seems to be all that Character Rank provides at this time, other than a simple way of gauging how often a player chooses to play certain characters. As it stands, Character Rank is capped at 15 per character, but it would be cool to see a metric without a cap, so players extremely dedicated to a particular character could show off just how much they’ve devoted to that character; much like League of Legends Champion Mastery System.

Source on Character Rank Info

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I actually like the idea of removing (or more practically, increasing the cap) on character Ranks. Even if the only bonuses past the Rank of 15 are titles and nothing more, it’d be nice. The only issue to having it not have a cap is figuring out a decent Exp. equation for it? idk. Rank 1,000 Orendi sounds cool to me.

Could someone explain what a title is please

The following is all conjecture based off of what I’ve seen in TotalBiscuit’s Thoughts on Battleborn, but Titles seem to be short descriptors, appearing beneath your In-Game Name or Character’s name where applicable. In the aforementioned video we see at 35:11, TotalBuiscuit the “Space Punk Partnership” as Marquis and DexBonus “the DESTROYER” as Orendi. The titles primarily appear during pre-game lobbies, beneath each players in-game names and seem to mostly be aesthetic, though acquiring more difficult titles could be seen as quite prestigious badges.

TotalBiscuit takes a look at Character management at around 12:00 in the video, but as far as I’ve seen, none of the Titles were previewed on Orendi’s Character Rank screen.

Titles are just basically names that you can unlock for your profile to be displayed as explained by Butterqup.

Oh ok thanks.
Also I watched that video that butterqup posted and it showed a really cool Ambra skin where she wears gold and dark blue.

I think you also unlock bits of lore about the character through that level too.

As per the video, learning about each Character’s lore seems to be tied to Lore Challenges, rather than Character Rank specifically. However, unless I am mistaken, completion of these Lore Challenges should offer substantial amounts of points contributing toward Character Rank, much like in-game feats such as “Earn X Assists in a Single Match” grant points toward Command Rank.

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So each Lore Challenge completed gives you a different reward for that character. Some are taunts, some are skins, but the ones you really want to get are the character-specific legendary gear. Each character seems to have at least one piece of legendary-rarity gear that has a bonus effect specific to that character. In addition to high base stats that complement the character, it might also say “Ambra Only: Staff of Radiance generates its own Heat over time.”

Now do the lore challenges contribute to character rank? I’m not sure; I haven’t been paying that much attention. But the other rewards you get from completing lore challenges are amazing.