Perm death of story characters question

I am posting ideas about why characters might not be rezzed as part of the game… .

  1. if other DNA is present when you approach a Save point… (example: cannibal, Blood on clothes, etc…) then the DATA file will become mixed and would create a mixed person… multiple personalitys and different body parts. system could put out a alert to the person informing them about the error and allow them to select an option to not rez as a damaged clone.

  2. The Teleports might read that there is already you in a different area and therefor will not rez what it considers a copy.

  3. Jack could have turned off the teleports for a person to prevent them from escaping from him… like angel or roland. (could be a story about angel trying to escape from her father and almost succeeding)

Here’s my theory, what is mine, what I have the copyright of cough:

Plenty of other good thoughts in that thread as well. Note that iirc the official line has been that New-Us are not canon.

(Monty Python reference if any one is confused by the top sentence)

Like @VaultHunter101 already said, New-U is not canon. It’s just a gameplay device to get you back.

BL2 wise that would make half a sense except that he should just turn it off for you, the player, the most frequent customer in that case :smiley:

If New-U was an actual story thing then Handsome Jack would’ve respawned. Also, it’s not like Hyperion are the only people doing New-U’s as TPS had Dahl ones. Or maybe it’s just a voiceline on Hyperion tech. Matters not really as New-U is not a real thing from a lore point.

EDIT: As for Jack, just remembered the line about reproducing and New-U so I guess that is a moot point in a way. But why oh why would the CEO of the company do such a thing to prevent himself from respawning?

IM guessing the New-U is alien tech and they can barely do
anything to make changes… I can guess that Jack would need a DNA
sample in order to lock someone out.

  As for Jack.... He was changed in the pre-secuquel and the New-U

would not work for him after that…

Actually at the beginning of BL1 I’m sure they said New-U operated through Dahl death and dismemberment insurance. Though I suppose that could have changed since then.

Though New-U being a Dahl service would at least explain why Jack couldn’t just delete you from the system preventing respawn and possibly why he himself didn’t have the same coverage.

And Roland getting killed. Maybe the whole stuck in a prison cell thing was because Jack was intentionally waiting out Roland’s policy period at that point planning to kill him later…

Fans: Why are the New-U stations full of plot holes?
Developers: The New-U stations aren’t canon
Fans: That’s dumb, you’re stupid, I’m gonna say they are so I can call you out on plotholes

TPS says Dahl licensed the tech from Hyperion.

Thank You Miss Anne Elk for your insight.

But anyway, all BL deaths are suspect. Too many characters have come back from death, or not come back from death, to canon-icise mortality in this universe (marcus), it’s almost like keeping track of who’s dead or alive in the Marvel universe.

Even for someone as Asperger’s as me I’ve had to get over the plot, um, lumps, and just live with the world as presented this time.
Not that I won’t point out things that literally make my head hurt in BL3.

If you’re referring to the bit at the end of Robolution, he says himself in the closing narration that he made that bit up (for reasons I find rather dubious). Still, narrator’s licence. The only other NPC I can think of who appears to die multiple times is Steve, but he’s very definitely a special case…

Steve is less a mortal man and more of a strange cryptid.

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