Permanent Bladed Grog Nozzle

My brother and I have started going through digistruct peak with our Zer0s. He’s playing melee Zer0, and I’d like to get a permanent bladed grog nozzle for him! We have tons of level 70-72 legendary guns, shields, grenades, class mods, some of Vermivorous’ customizations, and op6 - op8 legendary stuff to offer in exchange. :smile:

Gamertag: Warrior Haley

edit: also looking for an op8 twister. I can offer an op8 shock/fire/corrosive interfacer in return for it.

If you can op level my siren you’ve got a deal

I have an op8 permanent potent grog, if we could trade instead? My brother said he doesn’t want to level anyone up, sorry.

If you need gear hit me up. Don’t need or want anything in return. Gt ItsMrDeath2You.

i can trade you the evisceration grog nozzle for the potent grog nozzle