Permanent hot fixes?

Is there a plan to make any of the hot fixes permanent? Lost internet recently but not power (so hot fixes weren’t applied) and tried to play and it was horrible. None of my guns worked like they should😢. Stuff they know they’re happy with should be made permanent so we’re not dependent on hot fixes forever.

They’re usually implemented in future patches, making them permanent as long as you’ve updated your game file on your HDD.


They usually add a “nativized hotfixes” list item in the patch notes when they do it so keep a look out in the next patch notes.

As others have posted, they get rolled in to the next update. The only exceptions would be hotfixes to enable temporary events (eg Cartels) or ones that were pushed out too close to the next release date. The latter would mean there’s a good chance they missed the deadline for certification; they should show up in the following update though.

Yeah, the Hot Fixes are a double edged sword.
It allows certain fixes to come out pretty quickly.
However it relies on the player having a good connection to the internet.
Without an internet connection the player is just plain screwed now…

I guess I didn’t realize stuff was made permanent that regularly. I almost always have internet so I would normally not have to worry anyways. Good to know though!