Permanent tombstone glitch?

so, i was testing out the luck cannon on some randoms, and i noticed that even when i didnt have any kill skills, i was still getting tombstone crits. the effect kept on, even after i swapped weapons.

any ideas how that happened, and how to stop if from happening, because it isn’t very fun killing everything instantly with no set up.

It also happened in fight for your life, so it cant be me missing the kill skills.

tested it on the shoot dummy and it gives random 90 to 105K extra shot damage
about every third shot
needs further testing

It wasnt the money shot. it kept going when i was using a different gun, and it was doing the purple critical hits, and lighting things on fire. and it went way more than the luck cannon money shot (which seems to be closer to 1/10)

I remember having a glitch while playing as “jack” that involved one of his skills that gets him tons of fire rate or damage based on how many times your allies have entered FFYL recently. We were fighting the raid sentinel and there were tons of allies dying or entering FFYL. I think the stack counter somehow started showing a really high number or a negative number. At this point it was locked like this. The skill wouldn’t go away until I saved and quit I think. Death might have kept it active but I’m not sure.

It was a while ago.

Yeah I’ve noticed this happening too. I also notice Unforgiven’s ricochet effect persisting after Showdown.