Permanent wreck glitch

I just played a co-op game where my phaselock was constantley active after we changed maps
no one was phaselocked, and i couldn`t phaselock anyone but i got wreck and the movement bonus from the legendary siren com. chain-reaction was inactive though.
The glitch transfered to the next maps, and i was able to phaselock once more after i levelled up.

Has anything similar happened to anyone else?

I have video of it, but I am bad at video-things and only got 5 minute piece, that shows chain reaction working, but not really much more.
i am also hesitant to upload it, because my and my friends voice are in it, and I don´t know if he wants it on the internet.

edit: he was host

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Same thing happen to me. I phaselock an enemy before the timer to change maps hits 0. After the loading screen my Phaselock is still active with all Phaselock skills on.

all of them including chain reaction?

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Seems to happen periodically in co-op. I think it’s when you transition while there’s still an active phaselock on something. The last account of this I read involved a surveyor and a thoughtlock/subsequence build.


Sorry for the Necro, Please don’t close VH101, Thanks.

Well, I have recreated it and captured a video. I joined a random game and I am lagging pretty badly, I don’t hit shots I normally do. We go to Terra and I phaselock the Lunatic as we transition.

Alas, Elated and Wreck is always active.